The first stage of ROI is DISRUPTION.


We collect insights that will disrupt how your company is perceived


We assess the right channels, the correct communities and the key publications that will embrace your disruption


We break through the first barries to disruption where your message starts to gain traction. Sales start to react.

Dis-rup-tion A major change in an industry, business strategy, etc., particularly relating to the introduction of a new product or service that creates a new market.

Disruption is shaking things up. Moving past the typical. Getting rid of the status quo. The media and internet is crowded with white noise. It’ s crucial that your company blasts through the mundane like a shot out of a cannon. You’re doing big things in your industry. But if you don’t utilize persuasive third-party credibility channels (getting OTHERS to endorse you), your target audiences won’t know who you are, won’t trust you…and frankly won’t feel comfortable doing business with you. At JoTo PR, we are DISRUPTORS ourselves, so we know a thing or two about breaking the barriers. We don’t just love busting through the noise for our clients to get their message out to millions on the most powerful communication lines of the world – we are unabashedly relentless at it.

That is what we’re going to do for you.

Research: Our battle-tested research skills will figure out how your company can DISRUPT your market and stand out on its own. There is nothing that we do here that isn’t backed by hard analytics and proven processes. From our extensive background in Crisis Management, we know there isn’t time to mess around to ‘try this’ or ‘try that’—our research and experience tells us where to go and how to get you there…fast. Target: From there, we access the right channels, publications and Key Influencers to target that will embrace your disruption and impinge upon your target audiences. We disrupt thinking. We disrupt “the way it has always been done.” Our Anti-PR PR Strategists vet out all the clutter and get you into the correct media outlets to CHANGE minds or get them thinking NEWLY. Penetration: You want to be the top of the tech world, the go-to on all things finance or even the cutting age of healthcare – no matter what type of industry you’re in, having the right people know who you are, what you’re about, and how you get things done all starts with DISRUPTION. We break through the human emotion and reactive barriers to disruption that keep your target prospects from listening to you. Your message starts to gain traction. Your sales start to react.
“It can be difficult for a startup to gain attention and respect within an industry. JoTo PR has helped us get the word out about who we are, what we do and why we are experts in our field. With consistent and continuous PR messaging, we have emerged as a major contender in the Internet security-training sector with the space of one year. These successes would not be possible if we hadn’t actively focused on building awareness and credibility.” – S. Sjouwerman, Founder of KnowBe4

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