“The PR industry has lost touch with reality, resting on past accomplishments and failing to deliver results to meet today’s needs. It’s simple: there’s way too much ‘smoke and mirrors’ in the PR world and not enough delivery of results. JoTo PR changes all that.” Karla Jo Helms Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist

JoTo is an ancient Japanese word that means “excellence; the best, very high class.”

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In PR, There Are 3 Stages of ROI

The First Stage is Disruption


We collect insights that will disrupt how your company is perceived


We assess the right channels, the correct communities and the key publications that will embrace your disruption


We break through the first barriers to disruption where your message starts to gain traction and sales start to react.
“JoTo PR made us a major contender”


The Second Milestone is Exposure


PR messages start to multiply and accumulate

Ripple Effect

Media reacts with more placements.

Perception Shift

Old clients increase spending concurrent with attracting new business and ROI
“People are finding us and KNOW us”


The Third Milestone is Influence


PR message is clear, cutting through industry noise establishing continuity and goodwill.

Thought Leadership

You’re now seen as the voice of that niche that you dominate, are sought-after and quoted.

Snowball Effect

You hit tipping point of adoption, consistent sales growth and expansion and now ready for the 4th stage of maintaining the ground you’ve now won.
“Starting with JoTo PR we have doubled”


The End Result of a PR Campaign is ROI

ROI eBook

Everything the JoTo PR Agency does is from the standpoint of getting you a better return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars. We do that by making people (your audience) more comfortable and more interested in doing business with you.

You ask, what is PR? We answer, PR is the fuel that feeds marketing, and marketing feeds sales—and this is business in the New Economy. This is the JoTo PR way. Increase Corporate ROI & Take Your Company to the Next Level!


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