Health Equity Can Save Hospitals Millions, Improve Patient Safety

Health equity and equality are seen as social justice issues in healthcare but rarely is this viewed as a factor in the total cost of care for patients. One estimate is that more equitable healthcare in the US could reduce $93 billion in excess...
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Ryan Serhant Guest Appearance at Reveal of Serena by the Sea Luxury Broker’s Open March 5th

Valor Capital will be hosting a broker’s open event for its luxury state-of-the-art condominium development project, The Reveal of Serena by the Sea, on March 5, 2021 at The Capitol Theatre in downtown Clearwater, Florida. Ryan Serhant, top-producing...
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The World Changed — Cybersecurity Must Catch Up with Radical New Training

Cybercrime represents the greatest threat to businesses and organizations in the world today. An innovative approach to training promises to radically strengthen the weakest point in any organization’s cybersecurity defense: unprepared employees and...
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#PRFail: Tropicana Forgets Isolation and Alcohol Can Be a Bad Mix

#PRFail: Tropicana Forgets Isolation and Alcohol Can Be a Bad Mix I know as well as you that our extended isolation during the ongoing pandemic has put us all under a lot of stress – I’m certainly no exception. We all deal with heightened stress in...
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Is COVID-19 Forcing Insurance Industry to Catch Up with the Times?

COVID-19 has affected every area of the insurance industry from the types of policies insurers will provide to the length of time it takes to get insured. Adoption of digital solutions has accelerated within the industry but needs to do so at a more rapid...
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7 COVID-19 Vaccine Reaction Warning Signs to Look for in People with IDD

It can be difficult to recognize COVID-19 vaccine reactions in people who don’t communicate using words. Learning common signs helps protect people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who don’t verbally communicate that something’s...
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