Life-Saving App Expedites Organ Transplant Medical Flights

When it comes to organ transplants, there is no time to lose trying to find a medical flight. In order to simplify and expedite the process, what is needed is a centralized network hub that can work out all the details, explains Sim Shain, CEO and Founder...
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Florida’s Ensurem Lands at No. 1 of Tampa’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Clearwater, Fl.-based insurance broker, Ensurem was recently named as the fastest growing company in the area by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. The company, which specializes in Medicare solutions and other senior-related insurance products,...
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Managing Shipping Budgets in 2021: The Old Normal, the New Normal, or the Unknown?

As they plan their shipping budgets for the coming year, distributors and retailers are struggling to assess the pandemic-driven changes of 2020. SkyPostal’s A.J. Hernandez suggests a two-sided approach: be as careful as you can, while also being prepared...
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6 Ways Hybrid Cloud Service Meets Needs of Remote Workforce

Remote work is here to stay and the hybrid cloud is a crucial component of this new reality. Global IT Solutions provider Technologent CIO and VP of Professional Services Mike McLaughlin shares the advantages of this growing technology.    Irvine,...
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NuView Life Sciences Develops New Theranostics Approach to Offset High Cost of Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment

The high cost of diagnosing and treating cancer—in addition to the prescription drugs and therapies associated with the disease—are bankrupting hard-working Americans, who cannot afford the expensive deductibles, copays, and increasing monthly...
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