COVID-19 and Social Media – Why You Definitely Need It Right Now.

COVID-19 and Social Media – Why You Definitely Need It Right Now.

You already know the situation. Millions of people are in self-quarantine. Stores are shuttered. Events are canceled. And this necessary physical isolation that has only increased people desire for information and interaction with other human beings. Social media is no longer a secondary player that supports your traditional promotion efforts – it’s now front-and-center as the main form of interaction between you and the consumer.

Here’s a list of 5 big factors why Social Media is your best friend, especially now:

  • Digital consumption has skyrocketed. People are craving content at an unprecedented level. Streaming, web streaming and web traffic in general is way up. Your audience potential right now is immense. You have no good reason to not have an online presence right now, and it needs to bigger and more frequent to stay ahead of the deluge of content.
  • On location events are out. That means online events are in. They don’t require any physical interaction. Methods for commutating to a large audience in a single setting include webinars and Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” sessions. In these cases, you have control of the event and therefore the narrative – you create the conversation.
  • Influencers are starved. There are influencers on YouTube and other giant platforms with large audiences that are already promoting your message, product or service. They are already trusted and respected. Provide them with the content they need and want to stay relevant, if not solvent. In turn, they can build upon what you provide with their own content, fostering a symbiotic relationship that both of you can benefit from.
  • Speaking of influencers… There’s no better time than now to engage them directly – since the aforementioned location events are cancelled, many of their own income opportunities have disappeared for the foreseeable future. They are likely to be receptive to negotiations, including a more direct business relationship, which can give you greater control of the narrative.
  • Prepping for what comes next. Consumers are planning for the future and your constant online presence will mean you’ll be staying relevant. Once the crisis passes, you’ll have an established audience which will keep your interaction going and ideally, will mean you have achieved top-of-mind awareness.

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