“The history of PR is… a history of a battle for what is reality and how people will see and understand reality.”  —STUART EWEN

Crisis management PR is the standardized process by which an organization deals with significant events that threaten to harm the organization, its reputation, its employees, stakeholders, or its bottom line.

Product failures, personnel problems, natural catastrophes, labor disputes, network breaches, or other upheavals suddenly strike your company and you find yourself struggling to put out fires rather than handling more productive matters.

Companies, organizations and individuals who are not trained in dealing with publicized issues that endanger their image or viability often panic, and mishandle matters that could otherwise be contained or even turned to their advantage.

Crisis management PR is a delicate technique; it is very precision technology. When it comes to defending one reputation, natural tendencies in human behavior are sometimes polar opposite to communications techniques useful in crisis PR.

And it’s deadly if not done right!

JoTo PR can help you get out of a major public relations crisis or simply a sticky situation with the least amount of damage, and perhaps, many times, with positive PR. Our crisis management methodology includes a strong focus on effective and proactive PR to repair any damage to your public image and to assure stakeholders within your organization that recovery is underway and imminent.

JoTo PR also works hand-in-hand with your legal counsel as needed to ensure that sensitive media matters are addressed effectively and timely with all parties involved staying on message.

Crisis Management PR Is A Multi-Faceted Approach:
Crisis management PR is dynamic and dependent on a well laid-out, strategic communications plan. It is a multi-faceted approach that takes into account all opinion leaders in your industry – in both the private and public sectors.

When you venture into crisis management media relations, not only are you mitigating the damage, but you are also publicizing everything great that the company has been doing. This communication includes one-on-one meetings with legislators, editorial boards, and any ally who will support your company in its time of crisis.

At JoTo PR, we handle the attack. But while we are doing that, we do a build-up of good-works publicity that eventually dwarfs any negativity that you could ever receive.

Crisis Management Plans Start With Good PR:
An online reputation is worth gold. If you are already pervading the Internet via the PR channels where your industry media and your target markets are hanging out, then any bad publicity that comes your way is easier to handle.

Good PR and publicity has a long shelf-life and high-value ROI (return on investment) with any crisis management plan. Once you already have a ton of good publicity, it has the miraculous effect of making others, including the members of the media, more hesitate to say/publish/air something bad.

People will be more cautious about dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s to make sure that their source is completely correct – because you have this ground-swell of public opinion that, at this point, will be ready to support you.

If you don’t have that, you’re much more open to attack.

At JoTo PR, we can perform a business crisis management plan in advance to prepare you for any potential problems. Panic doesn’t do anyone any good.

Be prepared!


We perform a business crisis management plan in advance to prepare you for any potential problems. Panic doesn’t do anyone any good.

Be prepared – call us today!