Everywhere you look, you will see content marketing. It’s been that way seemingly forever. But it can be hard to zero in on the deeper meaning when a word, term, or phrase – like content marketing strategies – is thrown around. The manner in which to apply it to your small business can be even harder to determine. But for today’s small business owner, content marketing is a necessity and a reality.

With high competition and limited resources, the challenge of marketing their company has become, for many business owners, nearly insurmountable. Astonishingly, no information is listed online for roughly 60% of small businesses! In the world today – where everything is on the Internet – this is inexcusable and unacceptable.

911 Content Marketing

We used the number for emergency rescue here because that’s exactly what content marketing can do. Compared to those who don’t use it, there can be a six times higher conversion rate when using content marketing. Could you use a list of tools and some guidance that would help you in your business – even on a tight budget – to create smart content marketing strategies? Read on.

Identifying Content Marketing

Let’s take a look at what content marketing is and what it isn’t.

The equation for contact marketing basically revolves around it being the sum of curated or created content added to a distribution mechanism to a targeted audience.

What is content marketing NOT? It is not an interruption to your audience with traditional advertising asking them to make a purchase. Using social media, blogs, and other tools as message distribution vehicles, content marketing must help and resonate with your target audience through compelling content.

Now let’s look at a strategy for small business content marketing.

Small Business Strategy For Content Marketing

Here’s the basis for your strategy:

Content marketing, in case it’s still not clear, is a way to engage with customers and share information. This is usually done in the form of social media posts, videos, podcasts, and written articles. While strengthening brand recognition, content shared by businesses should build credibility and trust.

Use the following suggestions to employ your strategy.

Gain An Understanding of Your Audience

To your particular customer base, don’t waste time creating content that is irrelevant or uninteresting. Make sure you understand your audience by conducting in-depth research into their buying habits, their interests, etc.

But how can you get in the minds of your core audience? Turn to current customers with questionnaires. How do they feel about your message, service, and your business? Gather information regarding their purchasing habits, income, sex, average age, etc. to provide content creation inspiration.

Turn to email or social media if you’re having a hard time with surveys.

Build a Website That Is Conversion Focused

Your entire content marketing strategy, essentially, calls your website home base. Don’t turn people away by cutting corners. If your business were researched online by your customers before purchasing, would they see a platform that is reliable, high quality, and crucial?

Make Easy to Find Content

Whether you want your content marketing for your small business to grow brand awareness, attract new customers, or increase sales, if your customers can improve their lives through reading your content, your goal has been accomplished.

Need Compelling Content And the Marketing To Go with It?

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