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“With Social Media PR & Management Services Your Ideal Image Emerges!”


Social Media PR Services Develops Word-Of-Mouth Credibility

There is no promotional tool more powerful than word of mouth. Buyers will listen to friends, relatives, and even total strangers when making a purchase decision. Social media has brought to the table something that is amazing and, by the same token, something people didn’t expect to have happen—it has basically given a voice to the general public:

• Anybody can be published.
• Anybody can write a blog.
• Anybody can post a video on YouTube.

And they can say whatever they want—and they can say it on Facebook, on Twitter, or on many, many different social media outlets. They can be at any venue, any event, any store, business or restaurant, and if the service is good, they can send a message to this effect that goes online instantly for all to see. Likewise, if the service is bad, a dismal review could be posted online equally fast. We’re talking about instant karma here. If you have your own social media strategy in place, you can respond to good or bad comments very easily, and any company or business that isn’t thinking about these possibilities is missing the boat. A PR firm or a PR communications strategy that does not incorporate social media is not going to be living up to the standards that are expected of a good campaign today or which will be demanded of a good campaign in the future.

Effective PR Campaigns Incorporate Social Media Strategy

Social media PR represents an entirely new channel of revenue for companies which they have never had before. Social media is here to stay. Traditional PR campaigns that don’t incorporate social media are not going to be as effective. However, people who think that social media by itself is going to get the job done really don’t understand the dynamics of how PR works with marketing and sales. If you want to ensure that your online reputation—your PR image—is visible, as you certainly want and need it to be, Social media PR is a great way to do it in real time, minute by minute. Your social media, print media, TV and radio segments, and digital press all need to echo your PR message. You need to hit your target markets at all angles so that you have the onset of only good news about your company. Social media campaigns can start the ripple effect and help your overall PR campaign influence more people to start thinking and acting favorably toward your company.

Leverage Your PR With Social Media Publicity

Today’s public relations mix incorporates strong social media to cover all avenues of client communication. Social media gets the word out fast and succinctly. Using social network PR, you can exponentially increase your company’s profitable image. JoTo PR incorporates accepted and proven best practices into all of its social media efforts so that your message and image are promoted correctly and with no harmful effects. As with any powerful communication medium, there can be many pitfalls and false information that do nothing for your business and, in some cases, may create more problems than solutions. It is vital that whoever is guiding and promoting your social media messaging be expertly trained and very familiar with the image and concepts you want your organization to portray—and that would be JoTo PR.

JoTo PR will help you harness the power of the social media virtual world by creating a precise social media strategic plan, which could include:

• Social media platforms where your target markets are hanging out;
• Blogging, micro-blogging, video blogging;
• Online business directories; and
• Online profiles.

JoTo PR Social Media PR For Business Is The Power You Need

JoTo PR specializes in social media PR, an exact process for getting media buzz—and it’s not just random posting of idle thoughts. JoTo PR uses a precise social media procedure that enhances word-of-mouth through social networks. This process becomes self-replicating through a variety of techniques. Your social media campaign should reflect who you are; it should embody your PR message in every post that is sent out. Today, social media campaigns have to continue the life cycle of your PR and publicity efforts that hammer home your PR message. After all, you can’t pervade the minds of your target markets with just one news segment or just one media placement. JoTo PR ensures your media placements are leveraged to the hilt—and then some.

Social Media Monetization FREE Evaluation

Find out from an experienced professional how REAL PR can help you figure out how to monetize your social media – and it is FREE. No obligation. Social Media takes more than just posting great content – you have to impinge on your audiences to attract them and get them to ACT. We’ll analyze your strengths and weaknesses and get you pointed in the right direction to strategically utilize Social Media correctly to expand your brand awareness, your company and your purpose.




  • All STANDARD features
  • 5 posts / wk on 1 network
  • 1 ad campaign / mo


  • All STANDARD features
  • 5 posts / wk on 2 networks
  • 1 ad campaign / mo


  • All STANDARD features
  • 5 posts / wk on 2 networks
  • 1 ad campaign / mo
  • 1 custom shareable / wk
  • 2 blog posts / mo


  • All STANDARD features
  • 7 posts / wk on 2 networks
  • 5 posts / wk on 1 network
  • 1 ad campaign / mo
  • 2 custom shareable / wk
  • 2 blog posts / mo


  • All STANDARD features
  • 7 posts / wk on 3 networks
  • 5 posts / wk on 1 network
  • 1 ad campaign / mo
  • 3 custom shareable / wk
  • 2 blog posts / mo

*All plans require a one-time setup payment to cover account setup, optimization / creation of your social media pages, custom graphics for your social media pages, a strategy meeting with your personal account manager, and an initial ad campaign. 

“PR is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page Ad.”

-Richard Branson

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