Who is Zanthion?
Zanthion is the brainchild of Philip Regenie, who created his company after experiencing a mix of real and false emergencies sent by his parents’ state-of-the-art calling system. In some cases, alerts caused needless worry and wasted time. Seeing a need for equipment that was more accurate, gave detailed emergency information, and was ultimately more reliable for both the wearer and their emergency contacts, he formed the digital healthcare company, Zanthion. Their mission is to create products including wearable sensors, clothing, and environmental equipment that would help protect seniors as well as notify family, friends, caregiver staff, and emergency services if assistance was needed. Zanthion was about to debut several new products but lacked the visibility needed to be widely perceived as the best provider of A.I. software and equipment for fall and injury protection for senior citizens.

Zanthion Found a Need…

The U.S. population of seniors is increasing, and thus so is the growing need for care solutions for these individuals and their families. In fact, deaths from fall-related incidents now account for the largest percentage of reported accidental death injuries among elderly adults in the U.S. Unfortunately, preventative measures (such as calling systems and related products on the market) were limited in the amount of information they could provide and not as reliable as they needed to be. For one, false emergencies were not uncommon, which could lead to confusion, emotional stress, and wasted time. The market lacked versatile systems and products with capabilities that included prediction of frailty, protection from falls, continuous measurement of health, crowdsourced notification, assessment of events, and more—all necessary to improving the quality of life for seniors.

While They Faced Challenges…

Competitors were leading the market, and a large percentage of seniors were already utilizing wearables and other technology-based solutions. However, no one besides Zanthion was positioning themselves as an advocate for senior citizens. However, at the time Zanthion didn’t have a strong presence in the market or an established reputation for senior advocacy and the company’s targeted audience lacked awareness and knowledge of its new products. How was Zanthion going to make themselves stand out in an already crowded market with plenty of product choices?

…We Provided Disruptive Solutions…

Zanthion had a line of new technology solutions that not only surpassed what was currently available in this crowded market, but they also championed efforts to improve health and safety for seniors. In fact, this was Zanthion’s entire reason for its founding—and it was this type of disruptive thinking in an industry concerned only with lucrative opportunities that differentiated Zanthion from the competition. This stand-out trait would be the foundation of their campaign, which included carefully targeted lower-tier publications and media outlets that catered to senior citizens, senior care professionals, and senior care facilities, as well as popular higher-tier publications with large audiences.

Media EXPOSURE Metrics

During their year-long campaign, Zanthion achieved a total of 24 placements in highly targeted media outlet-related publications, websites, and podcasts. This amounted to an exposure aggregate of more than 11.8 million potential views within industry-specific healthcare and senior-focused traditional and online publications. Based on that aggregate and the expected industry standard of 2.5% for actual views, more than 293,000 of their targeted decision-makers (i.e. prospects) read or listened to their news stories.

Dzone Online, which publishes technical content for technology professionals, featured Zanthion’s Internet of Things (IoT) devices for seniors with special needs and disabilities who had less ability to live without assistance, giving them respected third-party validation. Dzone Online has a readership in excess of 5.3 million.
Zanthion founder and CEO Philip Regenie was featured on Blog Talk Radio, an online radio platform with about 1.7 million unique visitors per month. When talking with host Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, Regenie spoke as an expert in caring for seniors diagnosed with dementia and other debilitating disorders as well as a provider of solutions for protecting seniors against physical and cognitive injuries caused by falls and wandering.
Senior Living News, an online trade publication specifically targeted to the senior housing market, featured Philip Regenie as an AI influencer providing advice on wearable devices and sensors that can detect urinary tract infections in seniors that caregivers can monitor, leading to a sharp reduction in sepsis cases.
With each media placement, we created and reinforced Philip Regenie as a go-to source for thought leadership, including advice and solutions for the many issues surrounding elder care. He and his company went from being an unknown entity in an ever-growing market to becoming the names his targeted audience relies on for AI and software product solutions designed to help elderly people with disabilities and preemptive injury protection.

…and Zanthion Responded!

“Thank you, JOTO PR, for everything. The quality of service is outstanding. You have, in no small way, affirmed in me that there are businesses that still exist delivering value first. Thank heavens for you and your media relations team does a terrific job for me.” ~Philip Regenie, Founder & CEO Zanthion

About Zanthion:

Zanthion is an AI digital healthcare company specializing in the integration of an extensible architecture of sensors and protective clothing and environmental equipment for both assisted living communities and the home; a cross between Uber, smart homes, fall detection, and senior care. Zanthion exists to create new and disruptive solutions for seniors and their families to track and detect possible issues and injuries for today’s senior citizens—using technology to provide a better quality of life for everyone involved. Zanthion is a pioneer in changing our social environment with future vision, solution-based systems that improve the world based on an open source, transparent, crowdsourced platform and social processes that accurately assess what happened, inform the correct resources, provide resources to the problem efficiently, and keep track of the efficiency of fixing the problem. Zanthion embraces a responsible future.

About Philip Regenie:

Founder and CEO Philip Regenie established Zanthion after experiencing the challenges his parents faced in their final years of life. Despite both of his parents wearing the best available calling systems, Regenie and his siblings were frequently interrupted with false emergencies, as well as real ones, while caring for their parents as children should. “My personal experience with the indignity of my parents’ deaths inspired me to enter the market and invest my own personal finance to build a business based on dignity and care,” says Regenie. With 35 years working in IT as a programmer, analyst and project engineer and eventually CEO/CTO in military aircraft systems, Internet of Things (IoT) and electronic medical record management, Regenie was uniquely positioned to understand and solve the complex problems associated with senior care. Realizing that no one else in the industry was providing the solutions he knew from his personal experience that seniors and their families need today, he decided to create Zanthion.