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If you’ve been hesitant to invest in video marketing for your business’ social media channels, we recommend you don’t wait any longer. It’s been estimated that by the end of 2020, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be made up of videos.1 That means that if you haven’t started putting video content on your social media platforms, your competition has likely already done so.

What Is Social Media Video Marketing?

While YouTube is likely what comes to mind when you think of video marketing for your business, the options have grown far beyond the traditional video streaming service. Videos can be used on your business’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles to add interest and dimension to your feed and capture your followers’ attention. With 60% of users watching branded videos daily2, posting your own video content is a wise marketing decision.

Ideas for Branded Social Media Videos

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating videos for your brand’s social channels? Here are some proven ideas your followers will love:

“About Us” videos. 
More than ever, consumers want to feel connected to the brands they purchase. Creating an inspirational brand story is the first step but sharing this story via video can be even better. Provide insight into how your business started out, what obstacles you overcame and how you hope to stand out from the competition for years to come.

Product demo videos.
 If you have a physical product, showcasing it in a video is a great way to add context to its unique features. Explain what your product does and how it solves a problem your users are likely to face. This type of video has an extra benefit, too. Not only is it great for social content, but it can also live on your product page for anyone who happens upon your site.

Customer testimonials.
 If you want to attract brand-loyal customers, testimonial videos are a great way to build your reputation. Social proof has a huge influence on consumers’ final decisions to purchase products or services, so if you can compile clips of your happy customers sharing why they love your company, you can convince prospects to do the same!

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