There your company sits, a DISRUPTOR in your field. What’s next?


PR messages start to multiply and accumulate

Ripple Effect

Media reacts with more placements.

Perception Shift

Old clients increase spending concurrent with attracting new business and ROI

Ex-po-sure Brand visibility referring to the extent to which a company’s target market is exposed to the company’s communications about its product or services, initiatives or around crucial industry issues, etc.

Exposure is the process of garnering media visibility. It’s HOWz much visibility you get. You increase your exposure, you increase your revenue potential. We create a swarm of interest, activity and demand. Buzz. Brand visibility. Awareness. However you slice it, volume, frequency and power of your message makes you more well-known and well thought of.

Traction: Things are rolling, your PR message is quickly multiplying. The public is now at attention are seeing your message accumulate. Your name is becoming synonymous with your industry. The JOTO news releases, media interviews and bylined articles are gaining traction with more than 30,000+ media outlet partners consistently. Your digital footprint is transforming from a small paw to the size of King Kong’s foot.

Ripple Effect: Our consistent penetration of the media has created a “spreading effect” whereby the press is reacting with more placements, larger editorial boards are being influenced by your industry news and determining how to get on the bandwagon. Critical mass has started to set in. More stories are getting published and even older pieces are shared through professional circles in your industry and through the superspeedway of social media.

Perception Shift: This is the time where the perception of your company changes from “the new kid on the block” or “old dog” to the steadfast pillar of your industry. What started off as something you knew to begin with, your public now see it too…and your competitors are scratching their heads thinking, “Where the @#! did they come from?”

Old clients increase spending. Educated prospects are calling in with knowledge of who you are, what you do and interested to work with you – already convinced of your success from the goodwill they’ve heard about through the right PR messaging.

“Before we started doing publicity and social media we had about 4000 site visits a week…and in the last year despite all the Google algorithm changes we have gone from 4000 visits per week to 8000 visits per week. People KNOW who we are and are looking for us…and finding us. There wasn’t anything else we changed – those direct visits to the site more than doubled in a year’s time…and now we are able to expand like we want to.” -B. Wesch, CFO, Novus Medical Detox

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