Who is Condusiv Technologies?
Known as “The Performance People,” Condusiv Technologies is the world leader in software-only application and storage performance solutions for virtual and physical server environments, enabling systems to process more data in less time for faster application performance. Condusiv guarantees to solve the toughest application performance challenges with faster-than-new performance via V-locity® for virtual servers and Diskeeper® or SSDkeeper® for physical servers and PCs. With over 100 million licenses sold, Condusiv solutions are used by 90% of Fortune 1000 companies and almost three-quarters of Forbes Global 100 companies to increase business productivity and reduce data center costs while extending the life of existing hardware.

Even with these successes, Condusiv’s reputation was still viewed as the “Condusiv defragmenter”. However, they have a larger suite of products, giving then the capability to do far more beyond their well-known Diskeeper, a disk defragmentation software product. They were looking to expanding into more markets, specifically targeting the IT staffs of companies on the Forbes Global 2000 that report to CFOs.

Condusiv Found a Need…

Computer data storage has been increasing exponentially year after year, and along with it an ever-increasing need for storage management solutions. Moreover, local storage is moving to the Cloud, meaning defragmentation must be done at the server itself where the data is stored. In addition, the current semi-autonomous and coming advent of fully-autonomous vehicles emphasize the need for data management within these vehicles. Within life sciences fields, there is a race to back up important discoveries with ample storage, and at their current pace, the research data and discoveries are outpacing the ability to store and analyze the growing volume. The healthcare industry is facing a similar situation, which is putting patient care at a disadvantage.

…While They Faced Challenges

C-suite executives in almost every industry have been led to believe that their data management and storage solution lie in regular hardware replacement. These kinds up upgrades to ever faster computer and larger data capacities are not the true answer. Condusiv’s suite of products offers a multifaceted software solution without the need to purchase more and more hardware to keep up with the data demands. How was Condusiv going to break through the multitude of competition that advocated the hardware approach to educate these executives on their superior and more pragmatic solution for their data needs?

…We Provided Disruptive Solutions…

Condusiv enjoyed an already great reputation as a company that had a great disk defragmentation product. Its popularity could be used a baseline to educate industry decision-makers regarding their more practical software-based data storage, protection, and management solutions for virtual and physical servers and PCs. We developed a multifaceted campaign that included aggressive outreach to targeted lower-tiered, industry-specific publications and higher-tiered popular media outlets to create and foster education and interest in Condusiv’s expertise. Social media would be employed to generate awareness of their industry leadership and software-based storage performance solutions.

Media EXPOSURE Metrics

During their two-year campaign, Condusiv achieved a total of more than 125 placements in precisely targeted media outlets including many industry-specific publications, podcasts, and television news.

This amounted to an exposure aggregate of more than 440 million potential views within industry-specific IT publications and popular business websites. Based on that aggregate and the expected industry standard of 2.5% for actual views, more than 11 million of their targeted decision-makers (i.e. prospects) read, listened to, or saw these news stories., a platform for IT professionals to exchange ideas and reaches an audience of about 1,650,000, gave Condusiv CEO James D’Arezzo huge exposure in an article speaking on the rise of A.I. its effect on the nation’s financial services workers.
Forbes Online, with a readership of more than 29 million C-level executives, top management, and high-level investors, also featured James D’Arezzo as an expert who could speak on the impact Intel’s security vulnerability patches would have on computer performance.
TDWI, which was created for IT leaders and business executives and has an audience exceeding 115 thousand, featured Jim D’Arezzo two weeks in a row, who provided expert insight into A.I., advanced analytics, and Big Data — three major topics that concern numerous industries.
For each placement, we positioned Condusiv as an authority in data management solutions and a provider of software products that overcome the data management challenges that companies in multiple industries increasingly face. They went from being known as just a disk defragmentation company with one great product to having the influence of being known as the foremost experts in application and storage performance with a suite of premier products.

…and Condusiv Responded!

“In the first year of our campaign, we had media placements in many high-level publications, which greatly increased awareness of our expertise in A.I., data management, and related critical issues facing businesses across multiple industries. The fact that we are reaching more of the core of our audience is having a huge positive impact.” ~James D’Arezzo, (former) CEO Condusiv Technologies