Before we dive headfirst into digital PR, let’s define it. Used by businesses to increase their online presence, digital PR is an online marketing strategy. Digital PR agencies, to gain high-quality back links for the businesses they represent, will improve their SEO (search engine optimization) and gain social media mentions. How do they do this? They network with bloggers, journalists, and influencers sending out press releases online.

Did you know, to promote your business, you can make good use of digital PR?

First, let’s say you own a business. Unfortunately, for your keywords in Google’s search results, your website doesn’t enjoy one of the three top organic positions. You’re justifiably upset about that. The answer you’re searching for is to use digital PR.

Defining Digital PR

What is involved in digital PR? It means gaining backlinks of considerable quality from online publications and websites and (hopefully good) honest customer reviews.

What is the purpose of digital PR? By featuring your business on websites viewed by your audience, the social media accounts they prefer, and the podcasts they listen to, it helps you reach your target customers. On Amazon and Google, it might even get you some five-star reviews! Ultimately, a website’s search engine ranking and visibility are positively impacted by digital PR.

Do You Own a Local Business?

If your business is a local one, getting your company featured in publications online that publish content regarding your local area will be the focus of a well-planned SEO digital PR strategy. This can include reviews from your local customers, local blogger’s publications, and local newspaper websites. If you sponsor any local charity events, these can be included as well.

Traditional PR Versus Digital PR

Old school, traditional PR involves any number of tactics including the following scenario: PR professionals doing their best as publicists to conduct networking over the phone with journalists. Frequently, this could even involve taking them to dinner and schmoozing them to get their clients into print publications such as newspapers. (Think Samantha Jones from Sex in the City.)

Traditionally, the focus of old-school PR was on radio, TV, and print-based publications. However, online media is quickly overtaking TV and traditional print publications. Media that is in print simply isn’t what it used to be. The focus has been shifted to digital PR by PR companies that are savvy to the growth of online marketing. Becoming more and more influential are online publications, so it’s important to embrace a digital future – possibly even abandoning print, eventually.

How Digital PR Can Be Used To Your Benefit

  • Increase sales
  • Generate leads
  • Build brand trust
  • Boost website traffic
  • Improve rankings and SEO

Digital Strategy Types

Where digital strategies are concerned, here are some of the most common kinds:

  • Syndicating and sharing infographics
  • Blogger events or off-line press events focused on gaining online coverage
  • Affiliate programs that pay bloggers a commission if they refer people to your company
  • To gain high-quality backlinks, publishing online articles
  • To gain influential social media account mention, influencer marketing
  • To gain mentions and backlinks on relevant blogs, blogger outreach
  • To earn press features, syndicating newsworthy content and publishing press releases
  • To gain backlinks, networking with editors and journalists

JoTo PR – Experts In Digital PR

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