Who is NuView Life Sciences?
Founded in 2005, NuView Life Sciences is a biotechnology company located in Park City, Utah, working to improve the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in our modern healthcare system. NuView is focused on creating precision cancer diagnostics and therapeutics to improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs through the development and clinical application of its exclusive patented peptide analog technology, NV-VPAC1, that has the ability to identify certain key malignancies including breast, prostate, colon, bladder, and endometrial cancer. Led by a team of industry experts with decades of combined experience in healthcare and medical imaging technologies, NuView is poised to change how we look for and respond to cancer.

NVLS Found a Need.

The costs of developing new technologies and treatments for cancer have skyrocketed. However, the long-term benefits of such technologies for doctors, patients, and insurance companies could result in decreased costs in the future as genetic testing becomes faster and more accurate and thus leads to an increase in positive patient outcomes. For example, about 50% of women and 10% to 12% of men receive false positive diagnosis for mammography and prostate region antigen tests. Among many women, this has led to an increased number of screenings among some women, but also negative psychological effects and aversion to treatment. In addition, the false diagnostic reporting has meant billions of dollars are being spent on excessive or unnecessary treatment. The combination of the emotional stress and high cost of treatment takes physical and emotional toll on patients, not to mention the financial burden. To curb this unfortunate trend, highly advanced diagnostic tests for earlier and more accurate disease detection were sorely needed.

While They Faced Challenges…

Cancer treatments today take a whole-body approach that attacks both cancerous cells as well as those that are considered to be normal and healthy. NVLS’s mission of creating better diagnostic tools designed to quickly locate cancer cells through treatment options that more precisely targets malignant cells while leaving the surrounding healthy cells unaffected. As innovative as NVLS’s methods and technologies were, they were one of many companies vying in a highly competitive healthcare marketplace. To better position themselves, the company needed capital investment for the risks, costs, and time to develop products for the market as well as raising awareness in the industry.

…We Provided Disruptive Solutions

NVLS had one-of-a-kind advanced technologies—with the NV-VPAC1™ a prime example for its ability to explicitly identify areas of the body harboring malignant cancer cells. These areas might otherwise have remained only vaguely identified or perhaps not identified at all if traditional diagnostic methods were to be utilized in testing. NVLS’s innovative technologies had tremendous potential to improve early detection and diagnosis of cancers as well as deliver precise drug treatments to only affected areas. These were excellent industry differentiators that we used to develop awareness through an educational campaign that positioned Paul J. Crowe—chairman and CEO of NVLS—as a thought leader and innovator of cancer diagnostic technologies and therapeutic methods. We concentrated our efforts on mid- and lower-tier publications that catered to healthcare, technology, and business professionals.

Media Exposure Metrics

During his one-year campaign, NVLS achieved a total of 17 placements in precisely targeted media outlets, including many industry-specific publications and radio shows.

This amounted to an exposure aggregate of more than 1.8 million potential views within medical, health, and business publications as well as technology and business journals. Based on that aggregate and the expected industry standard of 2.5% for actual views, nearly 46,000 of his targeted decision-makers (i.e. prospects) read or listened to these news stories.

Paul Crowe provided commentary on the massive expenditure on unnecessary biopsies in Radiology Life, a national digital magazine with almost 68,000 unique visitors a month that provides content for radiology professionals at all levels—from technicians to physicians. His expert input detailed the limitations of existing procedures and the new technological solutions that can improve them.
Health IT Outcomes—an online health and IT publication with 150,100 unique visitors per month and a readership consisting of healthcare industry and technology professionals—featured NVLS’s cancer screening tools for prostate and bladder cancer as well as new screening tools for breast cancer, giving the company reputable third-party validation.
Paul Crowe also appeared in The Journal of Private Equity, where he discussed how the cost savings from better diagnostic tools will translate into bigger profit potential for hospitals and laboratories that conduct such tests, also touching on the similar high-value growth in biotech. This publication has 51,000 unique visitors a month comprised of capital venture funds, merchant banks, private investment divisions of commercial banks, and other financial entities.
With each news story and interview, we positioned Paul Crowe as an industry influencer in cancer diagnostic technologies and investment opportunities. Reputable journals read by medical professionals and investors saw NVLS as the company that is innovating technologically advanced tools with the potential to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment and in turn increase this source of revenue for hospitals and testing facilities.

…and NVLS Responded!

“Our success stemmed directly from the JoTo PR Disruptors’ team continually producing high-end results through highly relevant media placements that got us attention from our targeted prospects, further bolstered by their consistent follow-up on interviews. Through their efforts, we achieved the publicity we needed and have realized a ten-fold increase in calls from patients, cancer patient support groups, and physicians.” ~ Paul J. Crowe, Founder & CEO NuView Life Sciences

About Paul Crowe, Chairman and CEO:

Mr. Crowe founded NuView Life Sciences in 2005 and serves as its chairman and CEO. Mr. Crowe’s experience includes start-up and early-stage healthcare company development, strategic planning, capital formation, M&A, and public offerings. Mr. Crowe’s career includes senior executive sales and management positions for domestic and multi-national healthcare companies who introduced: (a) diagnostic ultrasound in 1973 for Rohe Ultrasound – NV Philips Medical Systems; (b) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR / MRI) in 1983 for Diasonics NMR Inc.; and (c) mobile positron emission tomography (PET) in 1999 for Mobile P.E.T. Systems Inc. Between 1986 and 1999, Mr. Crowe developed and operated outpatient medical service provider businesses, including diagnostic imaging facilities and gamma knife radio surgery facilities, and he currently serves on the Board of Radiosurgical Centers of San Diego located at Scripps Memorial Hospital.