Who is Dr. Robert L. Drapkin?
Dr. Robert L. Drapkin is an oncologist based in Clearwater, Florida, with 20 years of practice and has with multiple hospital affiliations. As an oncologist, he has seen extreme forms of cancer. Through his professional expertise and the knowledge he has gained over the years, he has become a health and fitness octogenarian authority as well as a thought leader aiming to “wake America up” on topics related to the elderly population, false data that may be harming them, and how to leverage this market economically and socially.

Dr. Drapkin Found a Need…

Dr. Drapkin didn’t start out as a trail blazer for elderly fitness (a severely neglected market), but rather found that through studies and data based on current lifestyle habits, education, and training men in their 40s had received from their parents was leading to repeat diagnoses of the diseases he was already seeing in the elder group. Data showed that about 1 in 5 men would be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime—a statistic that drastically alarmed him. He realized that a combination of learned eating habits, erroneous data, and a segment of the population that was typically slow to make behavioral changes were all contributing to increased incidence of disease in middle-aged men (such as erectile dysfunction and cancer), all at immense financial and emotional cost.

…While He Faced Challenges

In the post-WWII era, processed food, canned goods, and frozen vegetables became extremely popular. This new era of food abundance paired with lifestyle changes created eating habits and behaviors that have led an increase in illnesses and diseases in the elderly population. Those eating and lifestyle habits were then passed down to their children—who are now in their 40s and 50s—and these inherited attitudes and actions have led to a generation that is suffering from diseases such as cancer In the midst of this unfortunate trend of false data, unsubstantiated information and outright myths about diet and exercise, medicine, and supplements have spread among the general population—especially the elderly—making it difficult for many to separate bad information from that of expert advice and accurate data.

…We Provided Disruptive Solutions…

Dr. Drapkin is a highly accredited oncologist with vast clinical experience as well as immense expertise in fitness for the elderly community. We leveraged these qualities into an educational campaign that emphasized his extensive knowledge of health, fitness, and disease prevention through dietary and behavioral change. Dr. Drapkin became a thought leader with strong abilities to debunk myths, provide real-time data, and evidence-backed advice to the middle-aged and senior populations. We concentrated on highly targeted lower-tier medical, health, and lifestyle publications that catered to the elderly as well as higher-tier media outlets, including established newspapers with large circulations.

Media Exposure Metrics

During his 19-month campaign, Dr. Drapkin achieved a total of 49 placements in precisely targeted media outlets—including many industry-specific publications, podcasts, and radio shows.

This amounted to an exposure aggregate of about 350 million potential views within medical, health, and lifestyle publications along with larger newspapers and business journals. Based on that aggregate and the expected industry standard of 2.5% for actual views, 8,750,000 of his targeted decision-makers (i.e. prospects) read or listened to these news stories.

Drapkin was featured on Yahoo! Finance (which yields more than 28 million visitors a month) as an expert source regarding a study that reveals screening men with ED for heart disease could save the U.S. billions in medical costs, reinforcing himself as a thought leader in this area of research.
Drapkin went on Let’s Just Talk – Born B4 64—a radio program with an audience of more than 3 million listeners that focuses on the baby boomer generation—to debunk myths about aging by relying on his medical expertise and personal bodybuilding experience, which helped establish himself as an authority in the medical and fitness fields.
HealthCentral—an online publication with more than 577 thousand unique visitors a month—interviewed Dr. Drapkin on the vital correlation between fitness and aging well. He provided professional insight and advice as to why an active lifestyle is so important for people’s physical and cognitive health—all based in real-time data from studies his own findings.
With each news story and interview, we positioned Dr. Drapkin as a well-credentialed physician with a wealth of experience and research. He has become the go-to influencer, sharing his solutions on the array of health problems that middle-aged and older men are experiencing. His many targeted appearances put him in front of the right audiences, which accomplished his goal of establishing himself as the eminent expert in men’s health and fitness for these age groups.

…and Dr. Drapkin Responded!

“I signed up with JoTo PR Disruptors and placed the future of my new corporation in their hands. One year later, my media exposure increased exponentially, and I am achieving my goals as an expert in my field.” ~Dr. Robert Drapkin MD FACP