Who is Advanced Training Systems?
Advanced Training Systems (ATS) is a high-tech simulator technology and engineering firm that has revolutionized the design and manufacture of advanced training systems to improve training and create safer drivers. ATS, the holder of multiple patents in high-tech training simulation, has as its mission to provide this cutting-edge adaptive training to all involved in the transportation industry at an affordable cost, resulting in safer drivers/operators. For more information, visit


The trucking industry is being faced with a growing shortage of drivers for the last 15 years. The situation has grown so severe that retailers have resorted to delaying nonessential shipments and even paying exorbitant rates for on-time delivery of goods. Of the current driver fleet nationwide, the average driver’s age is 55 years old and male. Shipping and transportation companies are desperate for new blood to the tune of over 60,000 new drivers. But this new generation of drivers is going to need specialized training. Advanced Training Systems, LLC (ATS) answered that need with state-of-the-art Virtual Reality simulation training, a safer and cost-effective alternative to the real thing. ATS’s mission is to ensure that every individual their systems train becomes the safest, most highly skilled driver possible. This is accomplished through the trucking and delivery service companies, trucking schools, community colleges, vocational schools and even high schools that have ATS training system simulators.

…while They Faced Challenges

The trucking industry isn’t well-informed on VR simulator technology, its many benefits that position it as the superior alternative to traditional training methods. Companies wary of the negative physical effects some trainees experience while using simulators need to be made aware that this hurdle has been largely overcome through ATS patented technologies that reduce and even eliminate sickness. Additionally, trucking companies need to be assured that their state-of-the-art training is what new drivers, particularly millennials, have come to expect of employers having grown up with such advanced tools—and will help them decrease their trucker shortage.

There Were Disruptive Solutions…

JoTo PR assembled a tightly focused anti-PR media campaign of at least four media placements every month that targeted the industries directly affected by the driver shortage. These news placements addressed the most concerning issues they faced and served to position Advanced Training Systems as the superior choice for driver/operator training.

…with Media Exposure Metrics

In nearly two years, Advanced Training Systems has averaged at least five media placements a month for a total of more than 150 news stories and interviews appearing in highly relevant trade publications and on radio programs.

These efforts earned an exposure aggregate of 230 million potential views within trucking, transportation, business, and technology trade publications, radio programs and popular news websites. Based on that aggregate and the expected industry standard of 2.5% for actual views, 5.8 million of their target audience (i.e. prospects) read or listened to these media placements. interviewed and thereby positioned ATS president and CEO John Kearney as an expert in virtual reality simulation technology. Forbes has an audience of more than 28 million C-level executives, top management and high-end investors.
John Kearney was interviewed live for his expertise on trucking regulations on Sirius XM Radio’s Road Dog Trucking Radio, which reaches 15 million commercial drivers.
The National Law Review, a highly respected and well-known publication with a readership of more than 197,000 legal professionals, cited ATS as “…a leading designer and manufacturer of virtual simulators for driver training, among other applications.”
Fleet News Daily, an online publication that specifically targets transportation management professionals and commercial transportation agencies, cited “John Kearney, CEO of leading designer and manufacturer of virtual simulators, Advanced Training Systems” for his insights into simulation training for younger drivers.
Fox Business has John Kearney featured as a regular contributor. Fox Business offers offering in-depth and breaking business and financial news coverage to an audience of more than 30 million.

JoTo PR’s strategic approach has seen extremely positive responses:

ATS has attracted the attention of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which had said of simulator training of CDL truck drivers “prove to us that it’s as safe or safer than plain classroom and over-the-road training.” John Kearney, CEO of ATS, feels the FMCSA will yield on this situation from the pressure being supplied as a result of the JoTo PR campaign. A retailer giant has already been pushing a message to the Department of Transportation (DOT) that they use the simulation—and that retailer has turned to Advanced Training Systems for that simulator technology.

…and Advanced Training Systems Responded!

“Through a massive amount of well-placed media stories, we’ve been getting noticed by a number of very big players who now look to ATS for the technological know-how in simulation training. Industry decision makers are weighing that urgent need to train drivers and now know they have a cost-effective option in front of them. Our expansion has more than doubled our revenue and expanded our market penetration opening many more doors—the publicity has fueled our sales efforts in a big way.” ~ John Kearney, president and CEO Advanced Training Systems, LLC