“JoTo PR’s services contributed to our highest ever income month in the 18 years we have been in business.”


The importance of marketing research is to keep you from zigging when you should be zagging!

What makes any campaign, PR or otherwise, successful? Knowing the ins and outs of something before you get started. The best sports team wins primarily because of the proper amount of practice and planning. We believe that knowledge is power and we don’t do anything without getting the facts straight and learning what the scene is.

You may have done studies for your industry when you started, but, as life goes on industries change, old players leave and new players creep up without warning: are you 100% sure that you know what’s going on out there?

Let us fill that little gap of doubt you might be having in your head by letting our team of market researchers get on the case to figure what’s sticking and what’s sliding. In today’s fast, digital and unforgiving environment; you can’t waste any time or money on things that aren’t going to give you an ROI.

Here are some ways market research works:

Create precision survey instruments geared to determine the needs or interests of:
• customers
• prospects
• employees
• constituents
• the general public
• Research interest levels of your target market in existing or new products, services, etc.
• Determine how public relations crisis management issues can be resolved in the court of public opinion
• Launch a new product or service, knowing the right hot “buttons” that your target audiences need to hear from you in order to buy

Go ahead and get signed up for our free market research analysis delivered by one of our specialized PR consultants and let them tell you fact from fiction.

Complimentary Market Research Analysis

You need insightful market research data as well as precise marketing research analysis that translates into bottom line results. Publicity and PR without the benefit of accurate marketing research is like flying blind in a snowstorm – nerve-racking, very dangerous, and potentially fatal.

After you know the ins and outs, let’s see what you can do with it.

Just see what this client had to say:

”Breaking down and understanding who my various audiences are and know what they give back to our company has been vital. PR is the gateway to any success you are going to have in business. Break it down, do it well and add that to the metrics of how that response is having an impact on your particular target publics, you can then reach your goal. “

“Working with JoTo PR and learning from them was a huge revelation for me in my business – and date coincident with starting with them we have doubled as an organization, which was something I had not believed was possible in such a short amount of time.”
– Market Research Client, Finance Industry


An essential component of any public relations service is a high-level strategic plan. A strategic communications plan is a PR management tool for organizing all PR deliverables on the basis of attaining clearly-stated projections of desirable future results.

In other words, strategy management in PR (which also includes a social media strategic plan) is designed to lead an organization from where it is in the arena of public opinion now, to where it would like to be at a stated future date.

However, creating a strategic plan without accurate and timely marketing intelligence is like shooting darts at small targets in a pitch black room. You can sometimes get close, but almost always miss the mark.

Market Research Is A Crucial Component Of PR Planning
A cohesive and comprehensive strategic communications plan based on accurate intelligence is included as part of JoTo PR’s marketing research – precision market research that taps the minds and knowledge of users, media , employees, or another specific audiences and gives us the intelligence to build you astute, yet simplified, strategic planning.

Rather than randomly shooting from the hip with PR actions, it is imperative to create a realistic game plan. JoTo PR will help you do this by meeting with you, reviewing your goals and vision, and then putting together an overview program on how to position, brand, and improve your overall PR approach.

Strategic PR Incorporates Marketing Research Results
We take your PR one step further by fitting your unique PR strategy that is based on real marketing research into your existing business plan.

• What are your goals and purposes
• Where are you trying to go?
• What are you trying to achieve?
• What is the message that you are trying to get out?
• Are you trying to increase your revenues?
• Are you trying to become better known in the community or your industry?
• Are you trying to brand yourself?

A strategy is developed for your company that dovetails into each component part of your business plan, so that its execution is a seamless production. Results are monitored throughout your campaign to ensure that you are getting a return on investment for your PR.

Every company is different. A tailored strategy development is modified to each client in accordance with what they are trying to achieve with their PR. Once your plan is agreed upon, we then move that strategy into specific, public relations action-steps and programs that implement your strategic plan.

This is strategy at its best. Adhering to on-target and insightful strategy and planning throughout the life of your campaign will lead the way to achieving your organizational goals.

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