“Without publicity, a terrible thing happens… nothing.”
—Phineas Taylor Barnum

Publicity and Public Relations is all about getting an entity broadly well-known and respected so your target audience is more interested and comfortable doing business with you.

There was a time when marketing, sales and everything else was a tad easier, as the majority of people didn’t know better when they were being sold to; but people are smarter now and more informed. It seems that every week that goes by is another company scandal or how Company ABC is recalling product XYZ because of Problem 123.

The general consumer, and even more so in the B2B world, has a hard time trusting a company out of the blue. Ads and promotion alone, much to the chagrin of your own marketing team, is not enough.

3rd Party Credibility Is The Solution To Modern Day ROI & Growth!

Take any major player in any industry and then ask someone about trusting that company. 9.99 times out of 10 there is trust there. How? Because they beat on their chest so hard it bled and people said, “Ya! I trust that!” ….. No. Not at all.

They trust them because someone else said they were great.

3rd Party credibility is the essence of life in today’s promotional world. It uses the PR technique of getting someone else, who is unbiased to the situation, to say positive things about that company. And not just anyone – a powerful someone or entity.

That, down to our core, is why we get up in the morning. To do that for our clients – establish all the 3rd party credibility we can muster. We have honed in on how to position you in the media, in the correct media stories and with the right amount of oomph, to get people reading about you when they’re scanning their favorite news outlets. These aren’t “chest-beating,” articles, they are articles about the issues in your industry, the problems, the controversies – and the solutions including your’s. They establish you as the key opinion leader. The more people see your name; the more they tack on “influencer” to you name in their mind.

At that point, everything becomes smoother for you. Your sales walk in the door three-quarters already sold, you’re picking out the next office to expand to and your ROI doesn’t know what the word down means.

We’ve done it repeatedly with our clients and we can do it for you. We have the stats to show it.

Let’s show you, contact us here for a Free PR evaluation from one of our specialized PR Consultants.

We lubricate stagnant businesses, take over crummy-uninspired “PR” from other agencies, and help businesses run on a full tank of gas. You’re going places and we will help you get there faster.

Just Listen To This Client:
“The public relations initiatives we’ve implemented with JoTo PR have yielded tremendous results. It can be difficult for a startup to gain attention and respect within an industry; this requires a concerted and ongoing effort.

“JoTo has helped us get the word out about who we are, what we do and why we are experts in our field. By combining a superior product with consistent and continuous PR messaging, we have emerged as a major contender in the Internet security-training sector with the space of one year. We’ve received a lot of good press, and we’ve been featured in local and national news stories.

“We now have a growing client base and enthusiastic affirmations as to the effectiveness of our training system. In one year we were asked to bid on a 50,000-seat project. Later we sold a 150,000 seat project to a large corporation. These successes would not be possible if we hadn’t actively focused on building awareness and credibility. JoTo PR is great to work with, is an expert in the PR field and get us great results. I warmly recommend them.”
~PR Client, Technology Industry