Free PR IQ Test

Free PR IQ Test

PR is life—based and simple at its core, but there can be many moving parts. Because PR affects everything, it is often confused as advertising, marketing or customer service. This quick quiz will bring to light your strongest and weakest areas and compare them to what it takes to use real PR the right way. There are six sections addressing the component parts of Public Relations. Each section has seven questions. The maximum and best score for each section is 35. The overall maximum and best score for the whole test is 210. The closer you are to 210, the better your PR.

Step 1 of 3 - Public Relations Planning & Online Find-ability and Reputation

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    Directions: Check the answer that applies: YES, NO or SOMEWHAT for each question. (If you are unsure for any one answer, then answer with ‘SOMEWHAT’.)

  • 1. Public Relations Planning

  • 2. On line Find-ability and Reputation