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PR Needs to be Redefined

To Karla Jo Helms, the Founder and Chief Evangelist for JoTo Public Relations, this is intolerable and an unfortunate turn that this has become “normal” in this industry. Our approach is very much an “anti-PR” approach.

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Find out from an experienced Anti- PR professional how REAL PR can put you on the map and connect you to your market in ways you may not have imagined – and it is FREE. No obligation.

The world is continually changing, but the true basics of PR are natural laws that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

We’ll analyze your strengths and weaknesses and get you pointed in the right direction to strategically expand your brand awareness, your company and your purpose.

Too often in the PR world, six months go by with one or two stories with PR firms telling clients “we need more information” or “we’re working on it.”

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“The PR industry has lost touch with reality resting on past accomplishments and failing to deliver the results today’s companies need… “It’s simple: there’s way too much ‘smoke and mirrors’ in the PR world and not enough delivery of results. “We exist to change that standard and revolutionize how PR is not only perceived but in terms of measurable ROI. As a business owner, I know every dollar must work hard for my company so I share that sentiment with our clients.”
Karla Jo

Crisis Averted

We come from the Crisis Management side of the world, where time is not a luxury. We apply all that we learned in Crisis Management to give every client the kind of results and exposure they were seeking in the first place.

Unlike TV dramas, we don’t wait for some scandal to pull out all the stops to get you the press and continual coverage you need. (Actually we consider it a scandal if you don’t get press and respond accordingly.)

No excuses. No smoke and mirrors.

We convert PR from a “necessary evil” to “an integral part of your growth strategy” clients and CEOs rely upon and gladly report to their stakeholders.

Our motto: “PR isn’t the answer. Results are.

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List of Services

  1. Smart Market Research©: insightful marketing research and intelligence industries for over 20 years.
  2. Strategic Communications Plan: insightful marketing research and intelligence industries for over 20 years.
  3. Professional Writing & Editing: industry-leading writing and editing services.
  4. Publicity and PR: our publicity media placements follow an exact strategic plan, geared to building your message into a multi-tiered approach that puts you on top of the food chain.
  5. Social Media PR: modern PR incorporates strong social media to cover all avenues of client communication.
  6. Crisis Management: we work hand-in-hand with your legal counsel as needed to ensure that sensitive media matters are addressed effectively and timely.

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