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This Free 30-Minute Session Will Help You Get Real PR ROI
Dear Business Leader,

If you’re like me, you’re also sick and tired of the air of mysticism that surrounds the PR industry All the magic words about clicks and impressions, rain dances for a big media hit, the “We’ve sown the seeds, just wait” promises.

What are the results?

Where is your budget going?

Can PR success even be measured?


I founded JoTo PR to help you answer these questions. My team and I spearheaded market research on 5,000 fast-growth company CEOs to figure out what leaders here in the real world think about PR.

Here’s the deal:

Karla Jo Helms

Chief Evangelist & Anti-PR strategist

  • Even highly successful companies have trouble quantifying PR ROI. 84% of those surveyed are uncertain about the effects of PR spending.
  • Leaders are frustrated with status quo – PR should bring new business, not bragging rights for big name firms.
  • CEOs want to stay visible 24/7. Everyone is looking for continuous media hits, data-driven decisions, and a proven methodology to rely on.

Nobody has to be uncertain, frustrated, or anxious about PR. At their heart, public relations is just about managing trust. It exists to bring down customer barriers (lack of credibility, familiarity, etc.)

The less barriers there are, the cheaper and more effective your marketing is.

It’s that simple. So simple, that the industry at large lost sight of it.

Being effective is now an act of ANTI-PR.

This Anti-PR is at the core of our philosophy. JoTo is an ancient Japanese word that means “excellence; the best, very high class”. We strive to bring significant, measurable, and most importantly reliable ROI into your PR initiatives. There’s no silver bullet, mystical secret, or magical hit here – only purposeful, continuous effort.

This industry has a bad rep – and you deserve better! 

Don’t take it from me – see what other successful business leaders have to say:

“Date coincident with working with JoTo PR, we have doubled as an organization, which was something I had not believed was possible in such a short amount of time.”

                                                                                  John Hillman, CEO NWTC

We engaged JoTo PR and had fantastic results. The coverage we got propelled us into a national spotlight and allowed us to gain an understanding of how to take advantage of PR. We now have over 400 employees. At the time we engaged JoTo PR, we were just under 50 employees. The PR positioned us as the market leader and has led to hundreds of times ROI.

Dev Pathik, Founder & CEO Sports Facilities Advisory | Sports Facilities Management

JoTo PR really gets it. They matched our fast-paced, no-nonsense business approach and kept pace with us, helping Payscout to stay one step in front of our growth curve. Through our relationship with JoTo PR, we’ve come to understand not only how important corporate-level PR is to establishing momentum, but also to a company’s ability to increase and maintain consistent momentum. If there is any secret to PR, it is in maintaining momentum and the JoTo PR team is an expert at guiding a company through such an initiative.

Cleveland Brown, Founder & CEO Payscout, Inc.

Need more information?

Learn how Anti-PR boosts ROI in this book.

In it we teach principles that you can start applying on your own to build a high reputation. Try them for size, see how quickly this approach can help expand on your market. There are some fundamental differences between how we do things at JoTo compared to traditional PR practices – I want you to benefit from years of our research.

Get a Copy Here

Here's a handy short summary:


You get results, plain and simple.

Results some find hard to believe at first.

It’s all possible due to ego-free PR services. My team and I explain things the way they are – and we
understand that this approach isn’t for everyone. We do our research, provide individual attention, and
let you make your own mind up. Take things one step at a time.

Your ROI is the focus – when you know how to increase it, you’ll make good PR decisions.

During this free 30-minute Session we’ll talk about:

  • Stages of PR ROI: Disruption, Exposure, Influence (the three main components), and finally, Power. Hard facts only. The more familiar you are with JoTo methods, the deeper we can go.
  • Where You’re Losing Revenue from Poor PR Strategy: Objective and no-nonsense look at what your PR strategy is today and where you could be doing better. You’re likely bleeding money. We’ll see where.
  • Where You Have Potential PR Liabilities: Could there be a crisis on the horizon that you either can’t see or have, ahem, refused to see? We’ll take a look at areas where you may be vulnerable to a PR crisis.
  • Timeline for You to Reach Key Opinion Leader Status: We give you the true estimation of effort that it would take for your company to reach prime opinion leader status in your business niche, including a competitive analysis.

At the end you’ll get a summary and understand which steps to take on your way to PR success.

No strings attached, no obligations. If going further with Anti-PR isn’t for you, you still get all the professional consulting and strategic education for free. I’ve seen too much manipulation and hidden agendas in this industry. Don’t plan on adding to it.

I’m also that confident in JoTo PR methods.

And so are our clients:

Karla Jo Helms and her firm JoTo PR has significantly helped us amplify our exposure, not just in numbers but more importantly in the quality and relevance of our messages. This is the kind of gain that helps build a stable future for Chargebacks911 and open windows of opportunity that were not possible before

Monica Eaton-Cardone, COO Chargebacks911

Out of the 27 projects our Marketing department is engaged with, JoTo PR being one of them, we are ecstatic with JoTo PR’s performance and the volume media stories we have been getting. Our expertise in compensation, health and benefits, and retirement consulting—coupled with JoTo PR’s specialty in working with today’s modern digital media—has resulted in Cowden being published in many excellent big media stories. This has been very beneficial in showing our prospects and clients that we truly are the experts. We are beyond pleased with the publicity we are getting.

Kathy Colbert, Manager of Marketing & Communications Cowden Associates, Inc

The public relations initiatives we’ve implemented with JoTo PR have yielded tremendous results. We now have a growing client base and enthusiastic affirmations as to the effectiveness of our training system. These successes would not be possible if we hadn’t actively focused on building awareness and credibility. JoTo PR is great to work with, is an expert in the PR field and gets us great results.

Stu Sjouwerman, CEO & Founder KnowBe4

Join other business leaders and forge your own PR Success story today.

Let’s put ROI at the head of the table where it belongs,

If you’re not sure about booking a session, I’ve got your back. Here’s a free PR IQ test to quickly assess your current strategy and suggest improvements. Even if we don’t ever talk, you still get actionable information to help your marketing dollars work overtime. Click here to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a limited offer? As limited as our time. Currently Anti-PR sessions are booked within two weeks, and that’s going up. The earlier you book, the higher the chances of finding a perfect time.
  • Can I get an urgent booking or special reservation? Call us at (888) 202-4614 – let’s see what can be done
  • Which media outlets do you work with? Gobs. Lots. Hordes. In fact, thousands on a weekly basis. Here are a just a few outlets that published our client’s stories:
  • CNBC
  • CSO
  • Forbes
  • Inc. Magazine
  • NBC News
  • Reddit
  • The Vox
  • USA Today
  • US World & News Report
  • Bloomberg Business
  • MarketWatch
  • The Hill Healthcare News
  • Financial Times
  • CNNMoney
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Economist
  • NerdWallet Credit Card Blog
  • TheStreet
  • Yahoo Finance
  • CNET
  • Forbes Tech
  • MedCity News
  • TechCrunch
  • Tech Target
  • The Verge
  • VentureBeat
  • Beckers Hospital Review
  • Healthcare IT News
  • Healthcare Economist
  • Kaiser Health News
  • Modern Healthcare
  • The Atlantic Health Magazine
And more industry press for healthcare, finance and technology than you can shake a stick at!
  • Are these sessions scripted? Nope. We conduct market research specific to you and your situation. Moreover, if you’ve a deep understanding into the PR world and speak our language, expect special treatment 😉
  • Whom will I speak with? Only the best will do for you—no less than a veteran PR Advisor who consults CxOs of some of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. If you’re not fast-growing yet, no worries—we will help you get there.
  • Does this cost anything? No, it is absolutely free—except for your time and our time, both of which are valuable and why we don’t waste it.

Don’t wait. Start taking control of guiding public opinion and forge your own PR Success story today.

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