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We convert PR from a “necessary evil” to “an integral part of your growth strategy” clients and CEOs rely upon and gladly report to their stakeholders.
Our motto: “PR isn’t the answer. Results are.”

Karla Jo Helms

Dear Business Leader,
If you’re like me, you’re also sick and tired of the air of mysticism that surrounds the PR industry All the magic words about clicks and impressions, rain dances for a big media hit, the “We’ve sown the seeds, just wait” promises. I founded JoTo PR to help you answer these questions. My team and I spearheaded market research on 5,000 fast-growth company CEOs to figure out what leaders here in the real world think about PR.

What are the results?  Where is your budget going?  Can PR success even be measured?

–  Karla Jo Helms, Chief Evangelist / Anti-PR Strategist

Here’s the deal: Even highly successful companies have trouble quantifying PR ROI. 84% of those surveyed are uncertain about the effects of PR spending. Leaders are frustrated with status quo – PR should bring new business, not bragging rights for big name firms. CEOs want to stay visible 24/7. Everyone is looking for continuous media hits, data-driven decisions, and a proven methodology to rely on. Nobody has to be uncertain, frustrated, or anxious about PR. At their heart, public relations is just about managing trust. It exists to bring down customer barriers (lack of credibility, familiarity, etc.)

The less barriers there are, the cheaper and more effective your marketing is. It’s that simple. So simple, that the industry at large lost sight of it.

Being effective is now an act of ANTI-PR.

This Anti-PR is at the core of our philosophy. JoTo is an ancient Japanese word that means “excellence; the best, very high class”. We strive to bring significant, measurable, and most importantly reliable ROI into your PR initiatives. There’s no silver bullet, mystical secret, or magical hit here – only purposeful, continuous effort.

This industry has a bad rep – and you deserve better!


As Karla Jo states:

“The PR industry has lost touch with reality resting on past accomplishments and failing to deliver the results today’s companies need.

“It’s simple: there’s way too much ‘smoke and mirrors’ in the PR world and not enough delivery of results.

“We exist to change that standard and revolutionize how PR is not only perceived but in terms of measurable ROI. As a business owner, I know every dollar must work hard for my company so I share that sentiment with our clients.”

Too often in the PR world, 6 months go by with one or two stories and PR firms respond with “we need more information” or “we’re working on it.”


We come from the Crisis Management side of the world, where time is not a luxury. We apply all that we learned in Crisis Management to give every single client the very results and exposure they were pursuing in the first place. Unlike TV dramas, we don’t wait for some scandal to pull out all the stops to get you the press and continual coverage you need. (Actually we consider it a scandal if you don’t get press and respond accordingly.)

No excuses. No smoke and mirrors.

We convert PR from a “necessary evil” to “an integral part of your growth strategy” clients and CEOs rely upon and gladly report to their stakeholders.

Our motto: “PR isn’t the answer. Results are.”

Don’t take it from me – see what other successful business leaders have to say:

“Date coincident with working with JoTo PR, we have doubled as an organization, which was something I had not believed was possible in such a short amount of time.”
– John Hillman, CEO NWTC

“We engaged JoTo PR and had fantastic results. The coverage we got propelled us into a national spotlight and allowed us to gain an understanding of how to take advantage of PR. We now have over 400 employees. At the time we engaged JoTo PR, we were just under 50 employees. The PR positioned us as the market leader and has led to hundreds of times ROI.” Dev Pathik,
– Founder & CEO Sports Facilities Advisory | Sports Facilities Management

“JoTo PR really gets it. They matched our fast-paced, no-nonsense business approach and kept pace with us, helping Payscout to stay one step in front of our growth curve. Through our relationship with JoTo PR, we’ve come to understand not only how important corporate-level PR is to establishing momentum, but also to a company’s ability to increase and maintain consistent momentum. If there is any secret to PR, it is in maintaining momentum and the JoTo PR team is an expert at guiding a company through such an initiative.”
– Cleveland Brown, Founder & CEO Payscout, Inc.


Need more information? Learn how Anti-PR boosts ROI in this eBook.

We teach principles that you can start applying on your own to build a high reputation. Try them for size, see how quickly this approach can help expand on your market. There are some fundamental differences between how we do things at JoTo compared to traditional PR practices – I want you to benefit from years of our research.


If you’re not sure about booking a session, I’ve got your back. Here’s a free PR IQ test to quickly assess your current strategy and suggest improvements. Even if we don’t ever talk, you still get actionable information to help your marketing dollars work overtime. Click here to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this cost anything?2021-02-26T00:17:27+00:00

No, it is absolutely free—except for your time and our time, both of which are valuable and why we don’t waste it.

Whom will I speak with?2021-02-26T00:16:49+00:00

Only the best will do for you—no less than a veteran PR Advisor who consults CxOs of some of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.If you’re not fast-growing yet, no worries—we will help you get there.

Are these sessions scripted?2021-02-26T00:15:21+00:00

Nope. We conduct market research specific to you and your situation. Moreover, if you’ve a deep understanding into the PR world and speak our language, expect special treatment 😉

Which media outlets do you work with?2021-02-26T00:12:05+00:00

Gobs. Lots. Hordes. In fact, thousands on a weekly basis. Here are a just a few outlets that published our client’s stories:

CNBC, CSO, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, NBC News, Reddit The Vox, USA Today, US World & News Report, Bloomberg Business, MarketWatch, The Hill Healthcare News, Financial Times, CNNMoney, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, NerdWallet Credit Card Blog, TheStreet, Yahoo Finance, CNET, Forbes Tech,, MedCity News, TechCrunch, Tech Target, The Verge, VentureBeat, WIRED, Beckers Hospital Review, Healthcare IT News, Healthcare Economist, Kaiser Health News, Modern Healthcare, The Atlantic Health Magazine, and more industry press for healthcare, finance and technology than you can shake a stick at!

Can I get an urgent booking or special reservation?2021-02-26T00:06:49+00:00

Call us at (888) 202-4614 – let’s see what can be done :-)

Is this a limited offer?2021-02-26T00:04:29+00:00

As limited as our time. Currently Anti-PR sessions are booked within two weeks, and that’s going up. The earlier you book, the higher the chances of finding a perfect time.

“PR is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page Ad.”

-Richard Branson

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