Word-of-mouth on steroids.

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It’s the “HOLY GRAIL” in business. It’s what every smart business person wants more than anything else. It can boost a business from being practically unknown to becoming a household name. Yet, 90% of businesses don’t make it happen to any degree.

I’m talking about WORD-OF-MOUTH advertising.

Hi, my name is Karla Helms, I am Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist of JOTO PR.

The questions is… the BIG question is, how do you create a wave of word-of-mouth for your business?

The answer is simple, although not easy to achieve. The main step for creating phenomenal word-of-mouth is to give people something to talk about. Something people feel compelled to tell their colleagues.

The error most CEOs make

If you are a student of what makes a business successful (like I am) and you’d studied the phenomena of word-of-mouth advertising, you would have found that it rarely comes about from advertising.

Said differently, you cannot buy your way into creating powerful word-of-mouth with advertising or marketing dollars. Yet, everyday somewhere in this world a CEO makes the mistake of trying to do so—they think if we just do this advertising campaign or that advertising campaign people will talk about them and they’ll get word-of-mouth going.

Rarely does this happen. And if it does happen, if you do get word-of-mouth from your advertising it will probably cost you more money than all the tea in China.

You need marketing and advertising—but if advertising and marketing isn’t the best route to create word-of-mouth, what is?

Anti-Public Relations.

See, PR, when done correctly, creates fresh, cutting-edge NEWS that has a hook, that gets attention, that people feel compelled to talk about it. This we call Anti-PR. It is not reporting news—it is creating the news. YOU become the news.

How to get the word started

The first step to an amazingly effective PR campaign that creates word-of-mouth is to DISRUPT the marketplace.

Market DISRUPTION consists of:

  1. Getting attention via the MEDIA with controversy.
  2. Positioning your company as an industry leader in the media so that you give solutions in regard to the controversy.
  3. Communicating a new angle on your product or service that is fresh news to the eyes of your target audience.

There are many other components to creating word-of-mouth through PR. Many. For example, giving exceptional service to clients can create word-of-mouth. Or, creating an interactive social community, or always being honest with clients, even if you mess up. You’ll be surprised how powerful honesty is. And it’s rare. But are you capitalizing on even that in the news? That’s where you see word-of-mouth in steroids.

All these components fall under the heading of Public Relations.

Why PR has a bad name

If you don’t associate word-of-mouth with PR activities, you aren’t alone. There’s a good reason not to associate the two.

See, most “traditional PR firms” DON’T create word-of-mouth with their PR campaigns.

What my company, JOTO PR specializes in is what we call Anti-PR. Where traditional PR tries to get a press release for your company here and there and promises much of nothing other than “it takes time.” We specialize in disrupting your market and getting the name of your company in lights so that a strong word-of-mouth campaign is likely to follow.

Effective, Anti-PR is not only about word-of-mouth, however. There are many more important factors that go into disruptive PR to make it work.

Learn more about how you can disrupt the market place by getting exposure and influencing people by getting a copy of our FREE PR INCREASES CORPORATE ROI EBOOK.

Yours truly,

Karla Jo Helms

Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist
888-202-4611 x802
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