Winter the Dolphin

This is a fabulous use of PR… for one it’s just a good story.  If you love animals, you cannot help but love and identify with Winter.  It’s the normal course of life to go through adversity.  And those that conquer it and inspire others in the process makes for a good story.  Notice the mention of the company that creates the prosthetic devise for Winter’s tail – Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics But in order for PR to bring great ROI for a company, you have to use what you get in order to get more… case in point: I had a hard time finding Winter the Dolphin on Hanger’s website – or even their press room.  Not easily at least.  They showcased some incredible people with disabilities on their home page – more fabulous PR.  But the Winter phenomenon seemed null and void.  I vote for Winter getting some front-page coverage on Hanger’s website – and some press releases…after all what Hanger is doing for Winter has come full circle and is helping people where before some couldn’t get help.  What a genuine feel-good story – I root for Winter… and Hanger.  Because of Winter, I won’t forget Hanger.

And that folks, is the good use of PR!

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