At one point or another, every business will experience it – bad publicity. When bad things happen, it would be great if we could simply stick our heads in the sand, ignore everything and, with any luck, all the bad stuff would just go away. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works in the business world.

For every business, it is mandatory that a respectable brand reputation is maintained after being constructed. This is even more applicable today due to the Internet and the possibility that, at any time, competitors can emerge from seemingly nowhere. With just a click of a button, your consumers are now purchasing goods and services from someone else. It can spell catastrophe for any business.

When bad publicity threatens your company, it must be dealt with. You cannot simply ignore it in the hopes it will fix itself. Here’s why:

Sales Can Be Impacted Severely by Bad Publicity

You’ve never heard a company say, “Wow, that bad publicity really increased our sales!” Quite the opposite, in fact. Boycotting has sometimes been a result of negative publicity. Nobody wants that! Granted, it gets the attention of numerous audiences, but that’s not the kind of attention you want. How you deal with bad publicity, however, could steer that audience in the right direction.

Bad Publicity Can Cause the Loss of Partner and Client Trust

Your partners and your clients want to believe that they can trust you. Bad publicity can dash their hopes – and yours! You want both parties to believe that you consistently offer quality products and services and keep your commitments. The result of lost trust can take a long time to repair, and some businesses never manage to bounce back.

To salvage your reputation and business, crisis management by a reliable PR team is your best bet.

Brand Equity Can Be Harmed by Bad Publicity

Your business can appear equally untrustworthy when your brand equity is affected by rumors. Particularly applicable to businesses that need to be concerned with safety hazards and health, bad PR can result in long-term damages as brand equity suffers.

Publicity Stunts Gone Wrong

Significant damage can be suffered where brand association is concerned from publicity stunts that go horribly awry. In ways you never thought possible, negative brand association can snowball thanks to nasty rumors. From the losses associated with this kind of crisis, many companies never recover.

Is your company – and are you – willing to take such a risk? With the right PR company, you don’t have to resort to risky and foolish tactics.

The best rule of thumb here is – don’t stage publicity stunts. It’s a risk no company needs to take. It’s just bad business, no matter who it may have worked for in the past.

Count On JoTo PR to Repair the Effects of Bad Publicity

If there’s one thing JoTo PR understands and has a firm grip on, it’s crisis management. If your company has experienced bad publicity, you are likely need of an effective crisis management team right now. You’re in luck! We’re here for you.

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