Media TrainingThis is a friend of mine, Timothy Goewey, of Planet Buzz. Funny guy, but he was at his wits’ end the day he had to film a series of training videos. The film crew created a blooper on his series of mess-ups. Pretty hilarious.

This is a great example of why you need media training if you are going to be on TV, interviewed by the press, etc. It allows you to get out all the kinks and make sure you know how to deliver your message, no matter what is thrown your way

The reason Tim was so flustered here was because there was a series of mishaps on the filming that day – the set-up, the sound, etc. and it threw Tim off-kilter. Good thing it wasn’t live.

When working with the media, there is always something happening to get the client off-kilter. Which is why it behooves one to get drilled on what the media could do so you are prepared. Any publicity program should contain media training…no matter how polished a speaker you are. The end result is your message gets delivered, through whatever gets thrown your way!

Thanks, Tim, for letting me spoof on you here! I love this – you c-r-a-c-k me up!