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Why Social Media Savvy Is Your Business, Part 3


Welcome to the last installment of this series.

If you’re just joining us, I recommend you bookmark this page, read part one here and then part two here first.

There’s yet one more set of questions to consider before beginning your social media adventure! I call it that because this shouldn’t be seen and just one more thing to have to pay attention to.

No way! These questions are meant to prepare yourself to best take advantage of new opportunities. Expanding your current audience, opening doors to new ones, building your reputation and third-party credibility and actually earning conversions via new channels.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to these last questions!


QUESTION 7: What Do You Include in Your Profile?

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all, copy-and-paste situation. You’ll actually want to customize your profiles (notice the plural) according to the strength of each social platform. A photo of yourself on LinkedIn for example is an easy way to humanize yourself and encourages people to connect with you. On Facebook and Twitter, your company logo and a striking background are excellent beginnings to your new profile.

Make sure to fill complete any information the platforms need you – and don’t skimp on your biography. This is likely be users first stop – and therefore their first impression – of you and your business. Make sure to include hyperlinks to your website and as well as all the other social media platforms you’ve joined to give your audience a complete picture of you – and the most opportunities for you to engage with them. And of course (probably don’t need to mention it) include your contact information and make sure that it’s prominent.


QUESTION 8: What About the Content?

This is a complex question that’s going to be unique to each business and each platform. Rather give you an exhaustive list, I’ll outline three of the most important content rules to follow to give you the best bang for your buck.

Make it human – be sure to put showcase your team members – their faces and names included of course – talk about their roles and even include of bit of their individual personalities into the messaging. That will help endear them to your audience and create connections at the emotional level.

Establish your industry know-how and authority – include your takes on recent industry events and trending topics. Be sure to address your takeaways to the influencers (those with their own large followings) and start cultivating those relationships.

Don’t be afraid to try out different posting days, times, and frequencies. The best ones will vary platform to platform – and take note of when your followers post their responses. This will likely involve some trial-and-error but learning at least for most important followers’ social media habits to give you a greater chance of taking more immediate action on your part. Those followers always want – and will appreciate – your quick attention.


QUESTION 9: How Can I Maintain the Momentum?

In short, keep up the content. Exciting news. Your expertise. Solutions to audience problems. Start discussions that address controversies. Talk about what you’re doing that’s shaking up the status quo. You know better than anyone what you audience wants to know – and the more you post, the more responses you’ll get. Over time, you’ll only get better at tailoring the content to meet their needs, streamline you processes and build lasting relationships – but only if you constantly nurture them.


I hope this series has been both enlightening and encouraging! Yes, managing your social media requires quite a bit of forethought and lots of planning and is far beyond the seemingly simplistic nature of posting content at random or every so often answering someone’s question from a month ago. The world is moving at breakneck speed. It’s past time to let go of old-school thinking, go beyond PR disaster responses, and join your audience in the fast lane.

Until next time!


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