What’s it like to work in a PR agency? Truth be told, it’s one of the most competitive, fast-paced, and alluring industries within which to work. People are drawn into PR for a multitude of reasons – i.e., garnering press, managing information, writing, etc. That said, it is certainly not for the weak or faint of heart.

Attention do-it-yourselfers! Just because you’re a DIY kind of person doesn’t mean that you couldn’t put PR to good use. You might feel perfectly capable of crafting a media release by using a basic press release template. Don’t assume with a generic press release that media outlets are going to try to contact you. You’re not going to get on the cover of a magazine and CNN isn’t going to request an interview with that kind of press release. Your best bet is to hire a PR agency or a publicist if you’re truly serious about getting some publicity.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The following are good reasons to hire someone dedicated to the noble profession of PR.

Social Media

Today, everyone is on some form of social media – probably several. You may feel comfortable with Twitter, Facebook, and the rest, so you might assume that you can run your own social media accounts. It is, however, better to have a PR specialist take care of your social media accounts. Social media actually involves psychology and science, believe it or not. Both have been mastered by the PR pros.

Trust a PR professional to create a better pulse in your industry, put together a loyal fan base, help discover higher quality of sales, and increase brand awareness through social media.

Press Plan ROI (Return on Investment)

How is your press plan? Is it wasting money or bringing money in? You can count on a PR professional to evaluate your plan and let you know how it’s working. Once the public views your earned media articles, website traffic should be generated. That is a sign of a thriving press/PR plan. Metrics such as transactions completed, leads crafted through form submissions, and generated website visitors are some of the metrics used by PR pros when evaluating a press plan and whether or not it’s generating a substantial ROI.

Manage Your Reputation

What is one of the key elements that determines whether a business fails or succeeds? Reputation.

Above all else, customers value trust. A publicist or PR agent can assist you in crafting the three most exceptional things that your business does, what’s currently in the works, and what’s in the future. Putting information like this out for all to see helps consumers believe in you and support you. As trusting consumers become long-time customers, they will offer video testimonials, write reviews, and support you on social media.

Crisis Communication

It’s not uncommon to worry when things go wrong. But with a good PR service, strategizing and researching will automatically kick in at the time of crisis. Situations will be handled with context, action, and care. Research will be done on rumors and it will be addressed and controlled. Of course, rumors aren’t what every crisis revolves around. This is merely an example.

What matters in times of crisis is honesty, positivity, strategy, information, and a plan to put all of those into action.

Thinking that you can handle a crisis on your own may give you a feel of independence, but don’t make the mistake busying yourself with crisis control when you could leave it in the hands of your PR agent. You’ve got far better things to do, like concentrating on other aspects of running a company.

A PR Company To Believe In – One That Believes in You

What are publicity and public relations all about? At JoTo PR, we believe it’s about alerting the public to your presence and gaining their respect. The more comfortable your audience is with you, the better your chances of offering something in which they are interested.

We want to help you and your company be all you/it can be. A dynamic powerhouse! Trust us to help propel your business to levels you never before thought achievable.

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