Why Being An Industry Expert Equals PR Credibility

Industry-Expert“People will accept your ideas much more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first.”-David H. Comins

Credibility is based on the human tendency to value the opinion/expertise of someone outside their circle of influence more than someone within – and those who utilize it often find that their persuasive abilities hit new heights of effectiveness (1).

Read on to discover how industry press parallels credibility.

The power of third party credibility is a tangible one – people do business with companies they know and trust to be an expert. Feature articles written by unbiased sources such as journalists and reporters give the public an outsider’s point of view of a product or company.

But how you do you get those features and become known as an expert?

Being highlighted in industry news, typically by way of a quote, goes a long way in not only promoting a brand, but cementing the business as a top contender. Strategic Public Relations (PR) campaigns, aligned with quality media relations, are the key to getting a foot in the door with industry publications:

logoJoTo PR client, Solace Insurance, was recently quoted as an expert in a Tampa Tribune article that discussed the rate increases being enacted by insurance giant, Citizens Property Insurance Corp. Because the insurance industry is affected by the changing regulations in the finance sector, being seen as an expert is more important than ever – in times of turmoil, much like what financial institutions are still reeling from, the public clamors for information. If you can supply that information, you then gain the public’s trust, which lends to credibility. PR is the cornerstone of what makes people more willing to do business with a company – effective PR campaigns serve to create interest and draw attention.

The anomaly is that by always giving away the credit, you’ll eventually be given even more credit than the original source received.


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