What’s That Blinding Light? The Ever-Brightening Gleam of Teeth Whitening—CDA Weighs In

The teeth whitening market has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, and is expected to reach US$7.4 billion by 2024. John Moore, owner of CDA, discusses the areas that are driving this growth.

San Antonio, TX (November 21, 2017)—There are lights that shine from Earth that are so bright they are visible from space. Another may soon be joining them, if it hasn’t already: the gleam off of everyone’s teeth. According to a recent study by Hexa Research, the global teeth whitening products market was valued at an astounding US$5.56 billion in 20161, and is expected to reach $7.4 billion by 20242. In 2016, the whitening toothpaste segment accounted for 86.3 percent of market revenue share, and is expected to experience increasing growth over the period of forecast. The whitening strips segment of the market was valued at USD 899.8 million in 2016, and is also likely to witness significant growth as a result of rising consumer demand. CDA certainly agrees with this forecast.

According to the study, this phenomenal growth is driven by mounting consumer demand for clean and white teeth, along with a rising awareness of oral hygiene. The report states that 99.2 percent of people believe that a smile is an important social benefit. In our digital world where everyone makes themselves totally visible online and off, and where the beauty bar is set incredibly high by media celebrities, appearance has become more important than ever. Central to personal appearance is, of course, that gleaming smile.

“Such growth in teeth whitening products comes as no surprise to me,” said world-renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. John Moore. “Through the years I’ve seen the demand for the perfect smile become enormous. As I’ve witnessed with my patients, that righteous grin is essential to landing the right career, not to mention very key to a person’s self-confidence. I’ve even seen people come back out into the bright light of a social life after having their smile completely fixed up.”

The procedure of teeth whitening uses bleach and other materials to bring a whiter and brighter appearance to teeth. Such products assist in removing discoloration and stains from the tooth surface. Included in this category are whitening strips, teeth whitening toothpastes, whitening trays and gels3. Such products provide the whitening benefit inexpensively and easily. Recommendations of such products by dentists is expected to give an additional boost to the market over the coming years.

Dr. John Moore recommends patients utilize teeth whitening products in addition to his renowned cosmetic dentistry. In that his patients are obviously seeking the utmost in the perfect smile, he has gone to considerable lengths to ensure he delivers it. Since the beginning, Dr. Moore’s practice has been centered in artistry. A few years ago, in an effort to push the cosmetic dentistry bar even higher, Dr. Moore even sought out an award-winning diamond cutter and shadowed him for a considerable time. Coupling his

observations with the traditional math and science learned by most dentists, Dr. Moore set out to create a smile that radiates the same attention to precision and detail as that given to diamonds.

About Cosmetic Dental Associates (CDA)

World-renowned cosmetic dentist John Moore, Jr., DDS, established Cosmetic Dental Associates (CDA) in San Antonio, Texas, more than 35 years ago. Educated as an artist and seeking the pinnacle of artistry for his profession, Dr. Moore is a pioneer of true aesthetics in cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, CDA is among a select group of ultra-modern cosmetic dental offices that can offer patients treatments with solutions designed in an in-office dental lab. Visit https://33smile.com.

About John Moore, Jr., DDS

Dr. Moore decided to dedicate his life to dentistry after an orthodontist literally saved his smile from buck-toothed ruin at a young age. In addition to the run-of-the-mill training in traditional math and sciences that most dentists do, Dr. Moore took the highly unusual step of engaging in formal art education, as well. This combination has enabled a career of creating beautiful smiles that sparkle: life-like, diamond-cut teeth that have empowered his patients to command the careers and live the lives they’ve always wanted.

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