#WhatIsPR: The Business-Political Scandal & What YOU Can Do About It

It’s apparent that Uber and maybe Starbucks and Nordstrom did not set themselves up for these “scandals.” No one wakes up one day and says, “Oh boy, this is the day everyone finds out about the skeletons in our closet,” but shrewd business owners know that prevention and preparation are the best medicine to help a scandal. Look at Uber, a relativity new company without much “news” out there other than the cab drivers don’t like them. Then a scandal hits and BOOM, there’s a bad situation.

Now, if a company had done its preparation, say a company like Coca Cola or Disney, when something bad hits, the good PR before the incident acts like a bunker to the explosion.

Good, positive and preventive PR is like armor. Strong stuff.

house of turds
Every company will go through the ringer and take its punches but only ones set up by a good strong foundation of good works known by the public will co
me out of it with band-aids instead of broken bones.

Case in point: Do you remember back in 2011 when Taco Bell was hit with a lawsuit regarding their taco beef? The two-pronged defense of directed messaging about the unveiling of their recipe and what’s in it AND a firm PR base and great social media strategies before and after the event, allowed for the event to breeze over7. The lawsuit died off in only 4 months and people are still in line for Crunchwrap Supremes.

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