#WhatisPR: No Lies!

I will tell you emphatically what is not PR and that is lying. I will say it again, lying is not public relations.

We have seen what has happened in the food industry when the truth is stretched or hidden. Social media can be a bitch and it is in the populace’s hands to make it work for them. The Internet operates at the speed of thought. This means that every action is scrutinized, every error magnified. You may get away with that white lie for the moment, but it is guaranteed to bite you on the butt every time. LIES GENERATE HATE. Witness what is happening in politics today. Let’s take a look at what these errors in judgement wrought to the food industry.farm-to-fable

So, the rule is Never Lie in PR. Look what happens when you do:
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Truth be told — REAL PR is PROOF. BAD PR (which is not PR) is LIES.
There you have it.



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