What SEO has to do with good PR

seo-prSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the
cornerstones of what public relations (PR) is today.

SEO and PR: the two complement each other – real PR cannot exist without SEO in today’s digital media.  At JoTo PR, we consistently tout the effectiveness of prime SEO and here’s why:

  • Simply put, SEO enhances the decades-old press release. Today, we live in an online, mobile-based and paperless world – linking to your website using popular key words leads to more traffic and higher rankings, which in turn, can eventually create increased business and an elevated bottom line.
  • You want to reach a broad audience. If you get your story picked up by a major news outlet, other journalists, reporters and bloggers become more interested to find out more. This is what you want. The bigger the exposure, the bigger the result. SEO press releases contribute to that pickup.
  • You earn bragging rights. CEOs and entrepreneurs love bragging rights about their companies.  Media feature stories and TV/news segments are the crème de la crème of public relations. This builds credibility through third-party endorsements and therefore, makes consumers more likely to invest in your brand.
  • You gain the trust of reporters. Once a respected publication quotes you, or covers you in a story, fellow journalists will then be more likely to write about you, as well. Through all of the above, SEO is worked into your releases, stories and segments – your Publicity & PR imprints digital communication into your messages and those links are like homing beacons back to your website.

The internet is now an international marketing hub for businesses – maintaining an online presence is vital in boosting your brand to its highest level. Search engines leave press releases and media stories online a long time, longer than any other content, due to its official and authoritative nature.

If you find your competition is continually one-upping you, now is the time to assess your practices and consider integrating SEO as part of your marketing efforts.

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