What is PR And What Can It Do For You?

A good public relations definition is:

…the medium through which your company becomes well known and respected, so that individuals and corporations are more comfortable and interested in doing business with you.

–JoTo PR

We Offer Public Relations That Produce Results

“PR is absolutely critical.
A good PR story
is infinitely more effective
than a front page ad.”
—Richard Branson

At the JoTo PR agency, we believe that trying to execute public relations services without marketing intelligence is like presenting a pretty face without a brain. We combine our proprietary marketing research services with your public relations campaigns, enabling you to receive a greater return on your investment.

We know that people want to be sure that spending money on you is a safe thing to do. By using our marketing research, we’re like the marines leading your charge into the minds of the consumer. Publicity and PR work in tandem.

Publicity is an important piece of PR and is the action of getting press coverage for you; public relations, however, is the overall strategy of amassing stable relationships for you with your target publics.

We Put You on the Map

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What is PR And How Does It Enhance Marketing?

PR is the fuel that runs your marketing campaign. Among the many benefits of incorporating a comprehensive PR program into your marketing program is that it creates all-important credibility by:

  1. Lowering your cost per lead. An informed consumer is easier to find and to close.
  2. Increasing your marketing ROI (return on investment). PR has a wide reach and can penetrate your marketplace by publicizing your story and your good works.
  3. Augmenting the value of your business. PR gives you a step-up on the competition: you will win a warm spot in the hearts of your customers, thus improving your overall value in the market.

PR does what marketing cannot do. If done right, it pervades every aspect, every nook and every cranny so that your marketing strategy can be implemented without the emotional barriers that inhibit customers from purchasing, calling, or doing whatever else you want them to do. To be blunt, if those emotional barriers are removed, your marketing can actually work.

PR Services Will Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

Let’s break down the entire public relations process to allow you to have an inside view of how PR services work and come together to improve your image, your brand and—most importantly—your bottom line.

In order to fully understand PR, you should familiarize yourself with the public relations definitions we use at the JoTo PR firm:

Public Relations

Public Relations is the practice of creating, managing and changing the flow of information between an organization or individual and the target market(s) through exposure in credible outlets, and by offering a third-party legitimacy that advertising does not have.

By coordinating with a company’s or organization’s marketing effort, the JoTo Public Relations agency can position your message to generate a broader impact. Like it or not, the public views a third-party endorsement as much more credible than a paid advertisement, no matter how much you paid for that ad or commercial.


Goodwill is measured by the intangible (and sometimes very tangible) returns from the positive relationship a business has created with its customers, prospects and the community.

Referrals to your business are directly proportional to the amount of goodwill that the people who are giving referrals have towards your business. These days, goodwill is money in the bank, and is sometimes even more important.

PR Campaign

A PR campaign is a strategic promotional plan intended to create goodwill for a person or institution.

Press Release

The press release communications tool used in public relations is directed towards the members of the media for the purpose of announcing to the public anything deemed newsworthy. Press releases can be issued on a variety of topics, follow a strict format, and provide journalists with basic information needed to develop a news story.

Social Media

Social Media is the ability to harness word-of-mouth advertising to technology, resulting in an exponentially positive effect for a business, individual or organization. It’s like grass roots advertising on an entirely new and much wider plane.

Social Media has the unique power to multiply one-on-one conversations into the chain reaction of many-to-many dialogues by giving people the power to transform information from mere content readers into publishers. Think of it as word-of-mouth advertising on steroids!


Marketing refers to the various processes involved in promoting, selling and distributing a product or service. The term evolved from its original meaning, which literally referred to going to the market to buy or sell goods or services.

Everything the JoTo PR agency does is from the standpoint of getting you a better return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars. We do that by making people more comfortable and more interested in doing business with you.

You ask, what is PR? We answer, PR is the fuel that feeds marketing, and marketing feeds sales—and this is business in the New Economy. This is the JoTo PR way.

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