We’re Doing Our Part to Help, Too

We’re Doing Our Part to Help, Too

COVID-19 may be showing the first signs of slowing down, but that’s done nothing to slow the phone calls and emails I’m getting from reporters, industry leaders and all manner of experts in all sorts of business areas.

And it’s not just questions – I’m receiving LOTS of solutions as well. Experts are coming to me because they now have had time to pivot their business models and adapt to this unique situation we’re all in together. There’s been a bevy of out-of-the-box thinking and the innovation that’s come of it is really astounding.

As we’re doing our part as well. At JOTO PR Disruptors, we’re sharing the solutions our clients have innovated that are helping others navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Here just a few examples:

  • We publicized The Commercial Vehicle Training Association’s (CVTA) efforts to have the Congress and state governors to classify the trucking companies as essential services and reopen driver training and DMV facilities to allow new drivers to complete their training and obtain their Commercial Driver Licenses. Allowing new drivers to get on the road will ease a driver shortage further exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • We’re telling of new technologies such as InfoBionic’s new remote cardiac monitoring system, a way for cardiologists to remotely monitor their patients’ vital heart data in real time and make critical decisions with more complete medical data. Older patients with heart conditions can utilize the technology via telehealth methods and Medicare will now cover the cost.
  • We have started our Top COVID-19 Summit: Quarantined Press Conference webinar series hosted by me, Karla Jo Helms, CEO and Chief Strategist at JOTO PR Disruptors. We brought a panel of industry experts and leaders from across the business spectrum and a bevy of journalists together in one virtual room to speak and answer questions covering topics on Healthcare, Finance, Technology, Supply-Chain, E-Commerce and FinTech. The information and solutions they provided were invaluable to the media and their respective audiences.

As a matter of fact, our next installment is coming up soon – look out for the separate registration. Do you have a solution to help us through the COVID-19 crisis? What about a story of hope or real data that needs to be shared? Then you definitely need to be a panelist on the next webinar. The media needs to hear from you so take this opportunity to put yourself right in front of journalists who want to hear what you have to contribute to our fight against COVID-19.

Give us a call.

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