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The PR industry has lost touch with reality resting on past accomplishments and failing to deliver results to meet today’s needs. It’s simple: there’s way too much ‘smoke and mirrors’ in the PR world and not enough delivery of results. JoTo PR changes all that.

At the JoTo PR agency, we believe that trying to execute public relations services without marketing intelligence is like presenting a pretty face without a brain. We combine our proprietary marketing research services with your public relations campaigns, enabling you to receive a greater return on your investment.

We know that people want to be sure that spending money on you is a safe thing to do. By using our marketing research, we’re like the marines leading your charge into the minds of the consumer. Publicity and PR work in tandem.

Publicity is an important piece of PR and is the action of getting press coverage for you; public relations, however, is the overall strategy of amassing stable relationships for you with your target publics.

JoTo Purpose:

  • To make a significant impact on the economy and the news by helping businesses to get their messages into the media in volume regarding solutions, services and products that will help people and companies grow, expand and thrive.

JoTo Standard:

  • The JoTo PR standard is insistence that we get results.
  • It means caring about the client and not accepting reasons why results cannot be attained for a PR campaign, or any part thereof.
  • At JoTo PR, results can and will always be achieved.

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“Before we started doing press and social media we had about 4000 site visits a week – we have gone from 4000 visits per week to 8000 visits per week. I attribute that directly to the press releases, social media and building our brand because the direct visits have done up as well – it’s not just that I have raised in the search engine results, but it’s that people KNOW who I am and are looking for me… and finding me. I can tell you there wasn’t anything else we changed and those direct visits to the site more than doubled in a year’s time…and now we are able to expand like we want to.”
JotoPR Case Studies
Bryn Wesch
CFO, Novus Medical Detox

888-202-4614 x810