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Voice of the EntrepreneurSo whenever I have a few minutes to kill I am online looking to see what people are doing, checking out the hottest trends and simply goofing off. Don’t tell Karla Jo. 🙂
Today I started goofing off with and am having enough fun with it that I thought I should go ahead post something. So here you go!


Vator is a next-generation business (social) media company, leveraging community-generated content to create data services and news.

Basically, Vator is a marketing and PR tool for companies that want to get the word out.

Vator allows startups to share news, and narrative in video, text, documents, and inbound feeds from third-party analytics, news and blog feeds from Google, company blog feeds, as well as short messaging via micro-blogging. Additionally, Vator distributes that voice to Twitter, YouTube and Crunchbase and other places startups would like their messages/information viewed.

In addition to Vator’s social network, Vator’s newsroom, called VatorNews, is a community-generated news site, comprised of 100-and-growing contributing bloggers and video bloggers.


To be the marketing/PR tool for emerging companies. And, to be a leading resource for anyone intersted in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Vator has always been a catalyst for innovation. Since our launch in June 2007, we have been a professional network for ideas and businesses. People initially used Vator to pitch their ideas/businesses through video. Today, people use their company profiles to share their story through multiple videos, documents, iterations to their profiles, and now micro-blogging.


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