LinkedIn is considered the pinnacle of B2B networking in the virtual realm—and for good reason.

As an extremely popular, highly specialized social network, for those establishing their LinkedIn credibility, it’s easy to get an idea of who your audience is and what will resonate with them from the beginning. Don’t be fooled into thinking that having a profile alone is where the marketing benefits end!

LinkedIn Groups are an aspect of the platform that many people don’t realize exists, but when you’re establishing yourself as a thought leader, there’s hardly a better tool for connecting with people outside of your direct network. Read on to learn everything there is to know about establishing yourself via LinkedIn Groups.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Establishing Yourself as a Thought Leader with LinkedIn Groups

Do join groups that are relevant. Joining groups that are relevant to your brand’s industry is a great way to connect with people to generate leads, find new employees, and establish yourself as a leader in your field. To optimize your approach, make sure you are searching for groups that are relevant to your expertise and industry, instead of joining any group you come across.

Don’t use it as an advertising platform. Groups are designed for people to network, sure, but they’re also an extremely discussion-focused subset of the platform. While you may find it relevant to mention things about your brand or product, remember that the group is not your personal advertising board. Stay on topic rather than promote yourself or your brand.

Do contribute to conversations. Adding your relevant input is an excellent way to be active in your LinkedIn Group and a sure way to get you noticed by the other members. Make certain you’re not only participating in discussions plenty, but that your comments build up the discussion instead of simply “tacking on” thereby positioning yourself as a true thought leader in your field.

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