US Airways – Horrible Customer Service

I don’t fly, maybe a handful of times a year, a lot so maybe I am just not savvy enough to know the “tricks” to having a pleasant travel experience.

In November I took the time to plan out a family trip for three people. I booked flights, picked seats, confirmed my choices and paid a pretty penny for my choices.

Last night I went to check-in online and saw that the seat assignments had been changed. Now not only were my husband, daughter and I no longer seated together but we all had middle seats. Since I am the smallest at 5’11” this is a bit of a problem.

No biggie. I thought we would just call and get a live person to help fix this obvious mistake.

30 minutes and countless computer menus and hold times later, I was finally routed to a woman who could not only NOT help us but who apparently was not capable of doing anything other than reading from a poorly written script.

Her final parting words were that she could do nothing and we would have to get assistance at the airport.

So the next day at the airport we stand in a long line and patiently wait for our turn while people next to us are filed like cattle to kiosks to serve themselves.

When we finally got to the front of the line the woman told us she could not help us and sent us to the kiosks. She said we could change our seats ourselves.

Guess what? We couldn’t. The overworked lady slinging heavy bags and manning the kiosks said that that option was not available, that the flight was full and said “Next”.

Silly me I still thought that I could get some help from a US Airways employee at the gate. Nope. While the gentleman at the gate was polite he too told us that we were out of luck despite the fact that we purchased and confirmed our seats a month in advance.

Needless to say I am very, very unhappy.

Any advice from more seasoned travelers would be appreciated.

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