Understanding The Value Of Agile Content

Agile Content

Similar to news outlets, some of today’s leading PR firms and organizations, in order to demonstrate their authority and engage audiences, put out video, visual, and written content in real time. By staying up to date with the interests of consumers – and by online conversation, news stories, and trend monitoring – content is created by these organizations that is shareable, timely, and relevant. In the PR world, that kind of content communication and marketing is referred to as containing agile content. To achieve quality sharing of a company’s voice off-line and online, and to engage key audiences, it is one of the most effective methods today.

The Benefits of Agile Content

Agile content marketing has several benefits. But here’s the key: in very little time, it provides the ability to create far more quality in general.

Before key trends take off in mainstream media, thanks to agile content communicators and marketers, those key trends can be identified by teams working with a proactive process. What does that mean for a company? Simply, that they can distribute produced content, yes, but beat everyone else to it at the same time. This way, on a variety of topics and brands, they can establish credibility and authority. This is particularly applicable where social media is concerned because it allows their content to become shareable on an infinite scale.

Marketing with agile content also means that a company can keep one step ahead of the media. They can keep an eye on changing events and news and change their stories accordingly. Search engine results and social channels are more easily dominated by relevant and consistent content. That means that consumers will be driven to your social page, blog, or website.

The Right Organization

It takes an agile organization to help a company become an agile communicator. Here are a few steps that should be taken if you’re looking for a market strategy that implements agile content within your enterprise or firm:

  • A proactive process must be established – Within your organization, you’ll need to establish proactive processes before the employment of an agile content marketing team full-time. Schedule a management team meeting. Establish simple content guidelines which can be agreed upon. Particularly in regard to approval, revision, and editing, this will reduce red tape. Now you can have your content created, researched, and shared much faster – rather than in days… in hours!
  • A research method must be chosen – To stay ahead of consumer trends and current affairs, you’ll need to use different research methods and be a news source. This will also assist in being an agile communicator. Google Trends, Meltwater, and other software can be used to monitor media topics and online conversations. With access to real-time data, it will be far easier to stay ahead of other media outlets and your competitors.
  • A framework must be followed: i.e., SCRUM framework – Used by today’s software companies, SCRUM frameworks (and others like them) help to quickly develop new ideas and solutions through teamwork. To create content rapidly, the same structure can be used in public relations and marketing.

A SCRUM-Like Framework

If you’re going to follow a SCRUM-like framework, do so as follows:

  • Into individual actions, break down your workload.
  • Within strict timeframes, complete those actions.
  • Finally, to create your desired result, put all of the pieces together.

JoTo PR can help you establish the right team, research methods, and processes. With our assistance, you can build authority, credibility, integrity, and awareness to establish the timely sharing of real time, relevant content with your consumers. Contact us today to find out more.

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