In the world of public relations (or Anti-PR in our case) there are few things more important than knowing your audience. Being able to identify your target market is so important to choosing messaging and strategy, especially where social media is concerned.

While we encourage our clients to be active across multiple platforms, knowing who is likely to see your message on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help you make sure you are tailoring it to your audience and making your operations as efficient as possible.

A Guide to Social Media Platform Demographics

Facebook is one of the most-used social media platforms around, second only to YouTube in popularity. Facebook also has the highest usage across multiple age groups—while those in younger demographics tend to not use it as much, every age range below age 65 still comprise a high percentage of the platform’s users. Facebook is also a viable platform for B2B marketing, as many businesses are extremely active on the site already, but their incredible analytics and ad targeting makes it an ideal platform for nearly any marketer.

Twitter usage does tend to skew younger than other platforms, but that doesn’t mean that older adults are not still making use of it. Twitter users aged 18 to 29 are the most active, but news and trends are still very popular on the site with older users. Twitter is also a great place to learn about subjects outside of your social media “bubble” by using hashtags.

LinkedIn set out with the goal of being a professional networking site, and despite adding new features in recent years that slightly branch away from this, it has mostly stayed true to its roots. LinkedIn’s audiences tend to be high earners over 30 years old, and when it comes to finding a B2B audience, honing in on your LinkedIn strategy is a must.

Is your business ready to make your social status more active? We can help with that. In addition to our PR services, we also offer social media services to help you communicate directly with your audience. Reach out today to learn more.