Lifecycle marketing – or the longer term, customer lifecycle marketing – consists of, across multiple digital channels, integrated communications for a marketing approach meant to build brand or company relationships.

First things first, however. What is lifecycle marketing? It is the creation of contact strategy or managed communications to integrate and prioritize the full range of experiences and marketing communication channels in the support of customers and prospects on their path to purchase. Techniques used can include retargeting and persuasive personalized messaging.

Marketing Automation

In this day and age, our high-tech options work well toward various marketing attempts. To engage audiences, we can create coordinated strategies for contact through the following:

  • Phone contact, direct mail, and other traditional channels.
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media retargeting.
  • Next-best content to convert, offer, or product recommendations through on-site personalization.
  • Google Ads Display Network Remarketing and other retargeting and display.
  • Win-back, nurturer, welcome sequences, and other automated email marketing.

In the digital marketing lexicon, the appearance of a new phase – customer lifecycle marketing – is a result of the renewed focus by marketers on conversion and retention, and prospect and customer engagement.

A Toolkit for Customer Lifecycle Marketing

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your multichannel communications, lifecycle marketing planning can be used. With this lifecycle marketing toolkit, you will be able to take a more strategic approach to customer retention, conversion, and acquisition communications.

The following are useful tools which can be easily researched online or through discussion with your PR person:

  • The goal setting, evaluating, and optimization of digital marketing.
  • Best practices for online customer acquisition.
  • A plan regarding customer retention.
  • A budget spreadsheet for online customer acquisition.
  • Advanced lifecycle email marketing.
  • Re-engagement and reactivation of email marketing.
  • Email onboarding and welcoming.
  • KPI benchmarks in marketing.
  • The integration of retention and customer acquisition communications.

Social Media Marketing

Applied through the customer lifecycle, social media are digital marketing channels of a powerful nature. The following are goals or targets:

  • Paid and organic social updates which, including the use of look-alike targeting, create awareness. This is your outreach step.
  • To generate leads, paid social options. This is where you act.
  • To increase conversion, at an individual level, retargeting options. This is the stage where you convert.
  • To reach known customers, through uploading, retargeting, and organic updates on customer lists, establishing/maintaining customer communications. This is where you engage.

Marketing through Email

Email marketing is an important consideration in customer lifecycle marketing. The reason? Because, with personalized messages, at given moments, the possibility of a unique chance for customer contact is offered by email.

To deliver emails with all kinds of data, personal email messages can be invaluable when done correctly. This is extremely useful and relevant to your customers.

A PR Company With Their Finger on the Pulse of Marketing 

At JoTo PR, whether it’s social media, emails, or some other aspect of marketing, we know and understand all the ins and outs involved. Whereas many in the industry of public relations have lost touch with reality, we deliver what you need, when you need it, in the best manner possible considering the current times. We deliver results – not promises.

We may not do things the way you’re used to – the manner in which other PR companies try to operate – but that’s the idea. So much so, in fact, that we have been branded the “Anti-PR Company”. We take that as a compliment.