Trading Corner Offices for Work Flexibility

This is JoTo PR Disruptors’ commentary on Inc.’s article 91 Percent of People Who Work at Home Are More Productive Than at Work

 I thought that this week we could take a look at the modern-day work environment:

Your couch.

All kidding aside, remote work seems to be growing with the advent and sophistication of computer software such as Facetime, Skype, Cloud sharing documents and all. It is something that makes sense.

Maybe the days of large board room meetings, expensive cafeterias and paying the cleaning staff are going by the wayside.

Why would a company that can operate on a work-from-home type of basis spend trucks of cash for an overheard when people can use – or moreover prefer to use –  their own living spaces to work?

I know it can work because I’ve seen it from my own company – and many of our large clients. We frequently have some staff work remotely and we’ve seen a lot of success with it.

It goes without saying that a new level of responsibility comes with the territory.

The bigger picture here is the ever-changing world of technology on business. It’s becoming easier and easier to run an entire company from a laptop and run it effectively. It just proves more of the point that technology, communication and the transfer of media is growing at a rate faster than any previous point in history.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot more companies adopt this style of running their company, as it seems to be a win-win for most cases. Companies spend less and  employees spend less on gas and commute times. The biggest benefit, from the employees’ mouths, is that their quality of life is better and they are more productive from not sitting in traffic and being able to get more done without constant over-the-cubicle interruptions.  Management be warned though – you have to monitor the stats; they tell all.

I’ll be watching this closely,

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