Tough Times for USA Today: Even the Country’s Leading Paper is Struggling to Stay Afloat



Did you know that 1,126 print and online magazines folded
last year? So did nearly 300 newspapers. My clients tell me that it is because there is so much bad new reported and not enough positive coverage. when sensationalism replaces facts and journalistic ethics is put aside for vested interest agendas, people no longer want to listen. Check out this article from

“As it continues to struggle with ad sales, USA Today is taking more drastic action to chop expenses. A memo from the newspaper’s publisher David Hunke has ordered all employees to take a full week’s unpaid furlough before July 3, and also says that freezes on salary increases imposed last year will be extended another three months at minimum, Editor & Publisher reports. The daily’s ad pages were down 10.5% in the last quarter.

‘”To be clear, a furlough means no one will be permitted to work while on furlough and no one will be exempt, except for business necessity,” Hunke wrote. “That means when you are on furlough, there is no work, no office phone calls, no voice mail, no e-mail and no PDA checking. Exempt, salaried employees must take one full payroll week within the pay period. Non-exempt, hourly employees can take five days at any pre-approved time,”‘ he added, Editor & Publisher reports.

‘”We will evaluate business conditions on a quarterly basis and institute a fair and equitable compensation increase plan as soon as conditions permit,”‘ Hunke said. ‘”This is a top priority and we will do our best to keep you well informed on our progress,”‘ he added, according to the E&P staff report.”

So what do you think USA Today should do to improve their bottom line?

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