PR quote of the day: “Your goals will be nothing but a mirage if you build your PR plans in a desert.” That means, from a structural perspective, no matter how innovative your tactics, how brilliant your strategy,  no matter how great your plan for PR is, if you don’t build it with context, you will fail.

But what is meant by “context”? Technically, it means the following: Forming the setting for an idea, statement, or event, context is the circumstances involved. It must be fully assessed and understood to be true context.

PR Planning Under Perfect Conditions

Think of it this way, if you did scientific research in a test tube, it would be the same as building a PR plan without context. Everything works perfectly under laboratory conditions, or nearly so. Once real-world applications are employed however, circumstances and external conditions may change the whole game!

“Laboratory conditions” are not the circumstances under which you want to build your PR plan. Too many forces can throw a wrench into the works. Some of these include the following:

  • Environment
  • Budget
  • Resources and technology
  • Teams
  • Goals

Let’s look at each of these individually but briefly.


Where the environment in which you operate is concerned, never underestimate its importance. The way your business runs will be affected by the environment you operate in. Additionally, whether your company fails or succeeds and how you communicate externally and internally is also affected. When putting together a PR plan, this must be considered.

Have your finger on the pulse of the world around you – culturally, socially, politically, and economically. Additionally, in your particular industry, the environment will need to be further examined.


Your budget may be far smaller than your sense of creativity. Before you sit down to devise a PR plan, one of the first things you need to determine is your budget. It’s frustrating and pointless to build a PR plan that you can’t afford where human talent, resources, or technology is concerned. Understand where and how much you will allocate to set up a realistic budget.

Resources and Technology

Your opportunities in resource and technologies must be fully understood to create a PR plan. Naturally, everyone would like to be able to access the coolest monitoring software and hippest technology currently available. Unfortunately, businesses can’t always do that. Look at your current resources before you build a PR plan.

Here’s an example: It would affect your ability to drive your objectives and limit you strategically if you have an out of date website that is not mobile friendly or not responsive.

Part of your plan must examine where, if needed, you can find workarounds, what technology you can add, and what upgrades you can realistically do.


The teams used to propel your business forward will determine how good your PR plan truly is. A great plan without the right team is futile.

Here are three objectives:

  • To execute the plan you want, into your PR plan, build the hiring of the right team.
  • Around your existing team and their potential and/or capabilities, build your PR plan.
  • Of course, a combination of both or some middle ground is possible as well. For most organizations, this is the reality.


Context even applies here. It’s important to look at goals from long-term and short-term perspectives when setting them up. Your plan should move you along a five-year path as well as, by the end of the year, get you to where you want to be. Unfortunately, it’s very common for organizations, rather than building long-term and short-term goals that are compatible, to concentrate only on short-term.

A PR Company That’s Changing Things Up

At JoTo PR, we understand that the PR industry kind of lost its way. It wasn’t delivering the results it needed to but, rather, was resting on past accomplishments. In the PR world, the use of smoke and mirrors is never advisable – no matter how much it was used in the past. What counts is the delivery of results.

We’ve made it our mission to change the face of PR. Contact us today for information. We want to help you catapult your company to levels of success you may not even have imagined.