Top Tips To Enter a New Market

Top Tips To Enter a New Market

Navigating a new region or country where your product or service or your company doesn’t relate to consumers like it did in your home market isn’t as daunting as it seems. You remember – it took effort and time to build brand recognition in your home market, and you did it with a strong corporate vision. And you can do it again. Now that you’re entering new market, how can you get to know your market segment? How can you appeal to them? With the right PR and marketing know-how, you can make the road back a bit less bumpy.

Market Research – Let This Guide You

Navigating new terrain will rely on key insights. Start collecting critical target market research:

  • Appropriate marketing channels
  • Product and brand perception
  • Current competition
  • The overall potential

Market research is your compass. It will be easier to create a communication plan to alleviate doubts and establish your reputation.

Make a New Game Plan for Your New Market

Your communications and marketing blueprint isn’t cut-and-paste for every market no matter how successful it was in the past. That’s because every market is different. A new game plan should be strategized for every new market. That’s what market research is all about. What have been the successful marketing mixes, channels and strategies? Knowing this, you’ll know where to put your budgeting, staff, and resources.

Enjoy Success by Engaging Your Executives

What marketing strategies are the most successful? Answer: Those that are supported by higher level executive buy-in. That means marketers need to present executives a solid marketing plan. Make sure that plan includes budgets, strategies, and clear goals. Outline succinctly how it will benefit their bottom line.

The Right Partner Is Essential

Find a partner with expertise in navigating the maze of cultural and business nuances. Sometimes that means you have to bring in outside support for your larger marketing needs, particularly if your local team lacks the resources.

A Key Element – Public Relations

What puts a company on the map? Public relations, which builds your company’s visibility and image, and is absolutely critical. Use key media influencers and relationships to gain reputable third-party validation and positive buzz.

A PR Company That Knows the Market

At JOTO PR Disruptors, we know that public relations and publicity relies heavily on the public knowing and respecting who you are. Once you have both, your target market will be comfortable with you, which means they’ll be interested in what you’re offering.

We can help you with research methods and creating the right team. You’ll build credibility, authority, awareness, and integrity with content that’s timely and relevant to your audience.

You want to catapult your company to success – we’ll be your powerhouse! Contact us today.

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