Top Tips To Choose An Influencer For Your PR Campaign


Each and every day, social media networks evolve and grow. When creating a PR campaign for your brand, the influencer is critical. It can be time-consuming and difficult to know what to look for and where to look for that influencer. You can develop trusting relationships with your target audience and receive numerous online impressions, but you’ll need to find a partner – a powerful leader – whose opinions and voice aligns with your brand. This can lead to authentic brand ambassadors, repeat customers, and raving fans!

Here’s the thing – significant research goes into finding the right influencer with whom to partner. So, how do you get a return on your investment and the best results? Some digging will be needed and the below discussed steps followed. To keep up appearances and maintain strong relationships, a PR strategy will need to be devised after that.

Let’s get started. (The following steps are in no specific order.)

Establish a Good Relationship and Maintain It

There is a reason we refer to the leaders of social thought as “influencers”. It’s due to the fact that they are powerful enough (or savvy enough) to influence consumer decision-making and thinking. Therefore, a positive relationship must be maintained even when a promotional period or campaign is over. You never know when you my cross paths again in the future.

You Pay for This – Get What You Pay For!

You want to make sure that an influencer is aware of your expectations and goals once you’ve established a relationship with them. Provide them with specific content you want to promote or share or outline a formal agreement. This is, after all, a business transaction. You’re paying for their services but, at the same time, want them to be authentic and post material that’s organic.

You may want to use a service through which to monitor media, thereby proving ROI. End the relationship on good terms, if possible, if you’re not achieving what you set out for.

Identify Possible Threats

What is the branded history of the influencer you’re checking out? Have they, through negative comments on their profile or Facebook page, ever wounded a brand? Does it look like good enterprise relationships will build, only to have them (the influencer) go another way half-way through the campaign? Look elsewhere if you sense danger.

Pay Attention to Your Audience

As options (influencers) are lined up and investigated through social media, pay attention to the audience of each and, when possible, join in conversations. To make sure that they’re worth a long-time investment, you’ll need to measure the strength of their engagement.

How many followers to they have? Quantify their “likes” vs. followers. Look at their audience members and see how responsive they are? Do they ask questions? Do they comment? Are questions replied to by the influencer?

Research, Research, Research

Today, more than ever, research is easy, thanks to unlimited online sources. The web is enormous, allowing you to explore circles for thought leaders, experts, and influencers. It will be cheaper and easier to find a partner for promotion if they are someone who’s already following your brand or storyline.

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