Some of the people writing press releases today learned how back in the 90s. But since then, the media world has changed drastically. So has the delivery of news. However, when an impactful story is told through a press release, it can still be a crucial part of the strategy involved in good public relations.

First and foremost, in corroboration with their clients, the job of a worthy PR executive is to develop and identify ideas. These ideas serve a distinct purpose. In order to capture the attention of journalists, editors, and eventually the world (as well as the immediate community), the ideas must be developed. So, considering how crowded reporters’ in-boxes are, how are you going to create an effective press release that stands out in a crowd?

There is, more or less, a formulaic structure to a press release. This does not, however, apply to the content. It takes perspective, insight, and skill to manufacture a strong press release. It should be artfully written, engaging, and smart – if done properly.

When you sit down to write your next press release, here are a handful of golden rules to consider.

Include Quotes That Are Memorable and Strong

To give a more human element to your press release, quotes can be used. To the news being delivered, they give a particular voice. But, you won’t add any value with “vanilla quotes”. The person speaking must sound memorable, thoughtful, and authentic. The quote itself must be noteworthy, but not necessarily serious.

Include Figures and Facts in Your Research

Press releases must be written well. They must be compelling through an argument that is quantified and grounded in facts. The significance of your announcement will be supported by facts and figures, giving them deeper meaning. Educate your audience. Cite your research. Give them all something to think about.

Write A Subject Line And Headline That Are Attention Grabbing

This goes hand-in-hand with the next section. You may think that the email subject line and headline are inconsequential. This could not be further from the truth. Regarding your story, they are important elements. An email won’t be opened without a strong subject line. Following that, to showcase your key message, your headline is essential. Be newsworthy, accurate, compelling, and engaging.

Right A First Paragraph That Is Strong

The words you use need to shine. Why? Each and every day, millions upon millions of ideas and words come at reporters. If yours don’t stand out, your press release will find its way to the circular file in record time. If the reporter made a fast decision after simply reading the first paragraph, or even the first sentence, what would they decide? You must communicate your first paragraph in a way that makes the reader crave more.

Additionally, Develop a Story That Is Strong

Before your press release draft, along with your team or client, take time to develop a concept that is undoubtedly a winning one. On the matter at hand, gain some perspective and give it some serious thought. Collaborate.

Press releases announcing something is about to happen are created differently than press releases that deal with something that has happened already. Remember, no journalist is going to take a second look at ideas that are half-baked.

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