Remain Calm? All Is Well??? Wake Up, America! Everything Is NOT Well!

“Top COVID-19 Summit” Quarantined Press Conference

“Pivot Series”


The Dangers of the Institutional Model of Investing Post COVID

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The early 2000s gave us the crash.

2008 brought the credit crisis.

And now we’re still in the midst of COVID-19, a global pandemic that is wreaking havoc on our national economy.

This is different than anything else we have seen… because we are still in it.

And while the stock market has largely rebounded amidst the chaos, the economy is still ailing, putting investors into a state of confusion, uncertainty¾and serious worries, anxieties and questions…

  • The economy is not recovered, but the market is acting like it is—when will these two meet?
  • Potentially a massive tax increase is on the horizon from all the money we have to pay back—how does one calculate this in one’s financial plan?
  • The Federal Reserve has brought our interest rates to 0%, but what will this mean in the future in terms of inflation?

Investors and those bracing for their financial future are facing another tough choice¾go it alone or turn to an advisor?

Some will choose to go with an advisor who will utilize the institutional investing model¾an antiquated method that relies on large firms to guide their investing decisions.

However, there are serious concerns here.

The typical institutional model of investing—what is in use today—no longer works for individual investors and families.  It doesn’t provide a timeline on return; the data they produce is confusing to lay people; and one can only follow the appreciation or depletion of cash flow.

What’s more, the economy is volatile to say the least, and these firms and advisors are very reluctant to make recalculations as many man hours of additional work using their obsolete methods would be needed.

Even robo-advisors are modeling on this antiquated method.

“The institutional model of investing will tell investors to ‘remain calm’ ‘all is well’,” says Jeff Mount, president of Real Intelligence. “Wake up, America! Everything is not well!”

However, a new approach to investing is removing the uncertainties these shortcomings and enabling investors, experienced and novices alike – humancentric investing.

This human-centric approach to financial planning is an advisor’s greatest tool to combat the threat of a ongoing pandemic—and of boilerplate financial planning calculators often found in free programs through robo-advisers.

On September 17th Jeff Mount, Financial Savant and President of Real Intelligence, will be joining me, Karla Jo Helms of JOTO PR Disruptors for our “Top COVID-19 Summit” Quarantined Press Conference—the “Pivot Series”.


Jeff Mount has been active in the financial services business for the last 25 years. His unique skill set led him to create a rare training program that has helped financial consultants achieve significant growth of their assets under management and in a more scalable format. As the President of Real Intelligence, Jeff introduces middle-class millionaires to exceptional wealth advisers.

Real Intelligence is the brainchild of entrepreneurs and industry experts Jeffrey Mount and Mike Helgesen.

Helgesen, has been in the financial services business for over 30 years and built a book of business of $360 million in AUM (assets under management).  Too young for retirement, he transitioned his career into the now creator of Dynamic Mapping, human-centered method of financial planning that helps investors navigate the “new normal” in a way that traditional financial planning does not.

With their 55 combined years of industry, strategic, industry-proven training and patented technology, the firm is shifting the paradigm of financial services from status quo.


Jeff will be speaking on the dangers of investing now and post COVID-19, why the old institutional methods no longer meet today’s needs.

Jeff will also introduce their new technology, using the humancentric investing model, to help users understand financial planning outcomes in the wake of the pandemic.

The Media will be in attendance and we’ll be asking the questions that get to the bottom of these dangers:

  1. What is a risk profile questionnaire and systematic rebalancing?
  2. Why do you think risk profile questionnaires and systematic rebalancing are so flawed?
  3. How do you manage risk in place of asking these questions?
  4. We often hear that investors make very emotional investment decisions during a crisis that negatively impacts their long-term performance. How can we prevent this from happening in the future?
  5. What is the “4% rule” and why does this theory fail when taking money from your savings in retirement?
  6. What is the buckets of money income strategy and why does it work?
  7. Why does budgeting fail so frequently?
  8. What is Dead Reckoning?
  9. What is an essential family office and why is that experience needed to fulfill the human-centered method?
  10. What tools are available for families who want to create this experience for themselves?


Take this opportunity to join our conversation and hear the answers to what media are asking—after all they write the stories that many investors and business leaders read and follow—and they want to hear from you.

They’re clamoring to know what questions you have, what you are needing and wanting to know, and any information you can contribute.

Don’t hold back—this is your time to learn, share and pivot.


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