Cybercriminals Have Gained the Ability Impersonate Your Face and Voice! 

 Top COVID-19 Summit Quarantined Press Conference 

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The Threat of Deepfakes and Methods to Thwart Them 


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Deepfakes are not coming – they’re here NOW 

Much more advanced than the conventional phishing attacks we’ve been aware of for years, deepfake threats demand we adopt new levels of scrutiny and diligence.  

Instead of using hyperlinks or attachments to fool us, cybercriminals are now have the ability to actually create convincing impersonations of C-level executives, lawyers, and other authority figures. They’re getting their hands on security information, sensitive data – and lots of money. 

These savvy cybercriminals are using sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence to modify existing, even completely generate photos, video, and audio. They’re using this technology to impersonate people and create events that never happened – they can have “you” say or do things that you never actually did!  

The possible repercussions are mindboggling – your personal reputation can be ruined. Your organization’s integrity and property can be stolen on a massive scale.  

All from a single fraudulent photo, video, or voice message. 



And make no mistake – DEEPFAKE attacks are SUCCEEDING! 


Are you prepared if threat actors gain the ability to impersonate you or someone else in your organization? 


That’s why we’re going to address this rising threat. JOTO PR Disruptors’ next “Top COVID-19 Summit: Quarantined Press Conference, Pivot Series will stream on Thursday, October 29th from 2pm – 3pm EST 


Attending our Quarantined Press Conference will be innovative leaders in the IT Industry, Mike McLaughlin, John Mendoza, and David Martinez of Technologent, who will be discussing The Threat of Deepfakes and Methods to Thwart Them. 


The Media will also in attendance, and we’ll be asking the questions that get to the bottom of this latest cyberthreat: 


  1. Just how big a threat do deepfakes pose? 
  1. What are the various forms deepfakes can take? 
  1. How can I first detect I’m the target of a deepfake attempt? 
  1. Once I’ve determined I have received a deepfake, what do I do next? 

       1. Are there procedures IT security can utilize to intercept these attacks before they reach their intended targets? 

  1. How can I best educate employees about this method of business email compromise? 
  1. How do I prepare and protect my organization from ever more sophisticated social engineering techniques? 
  1. What are the clues I can look for to help me determine if a video or voice message may not be genuine? 
  1. Are my work-at-home employees at increased risk of deepfakes? 
  1. What are the some of the repercussions you’ve seen from deepfakes that have succeeded? 


What solutions and insights do you require to overcome this threat?  




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On October 29th our IT industry experts from Technologent will be joining me, Karla Jo Helms of JOTO PR Disruptors for our “Top COVID-19 Summit” Quarantined Press Conference—the “Pivot Series”.  



Jason DeJong is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with over twenty years of IT experience primarily focused on information security and risk management.  As a Senior Solutions Architect with Technologent, Jason is currently focused on application security, automation, and orchestration with a heavy emphasis on integrating security into the application development process.  In his previous role Jason conducted cybersecurity risk and threat assessments for the Department of Defense.  This position entailed architecture review sessions, red team operations, and detailed reports containing assessment findings.  After the initial assessment Jason’s team then ranked all vulnerabilities based on impact to mission/business and created detailed mitigation strategies based on industry standards and best practices.   

Technologent Chief Information Security Officer Jon Mendoza has over 24 years of experience in Information Technology and Cybersecurity. He has created security programs for businesses and organizations and has led a team of engineers from various IT disciplines and domain. He has a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems and is currently completing his Master’s program in Cybersecurity engineering. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two kids, 4 dogs, and his African Grey Parrot. Visit www. 

Certified Information Systems Security Professional David Martinez has a keen eye for business operations. His specialties include: Information security and management, marrying technology to business goals and initiatives, restructuring of IT departments to become true assets of a business, presenting technical solutions to non-technical people.  

Technologent is a Global Provider of Edge-to-EdgeTM Information Technology Solutions and Services for Fortune 1000 companies. They help companies outpace the new digital economy by creating IT environments that are fast, flexible, efficient, transparent and secure. Without these characteristics, companies will miss the opportunity to optimally scale. Technologent mobilizes the power of technology to turn vision into reality, enabling a focus on driving innovation, increasing productivity and outperforming the market. Visit 




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