“Top COVID-19 Summit” Quarantined Press Conference

“Pivot Series”


How Rapid COVID Testing Is Your Business Solution

Thursday, November 19th from 2-3pm EST


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Current COVID-19 tests aren’t even close to helping businesses stay open!


Many of our businesses and remain closed to this day because we lack a COVID-19 test that can be utilized easily and rapidly – the United States is operating at 20% of where we were in March, and experts aren’t expecting we’ll even start back to recovery at least until 2021.

The service industry, manufacturing facilities, medical offices and many other businesses are struggling to find a testing solution that will allow them to open AND keep their employees and clients safe. Meanwhile, the job situation in the U.S. is getting worse:


  • New jobless claims are up to the highest level since late August 
  • Nearly 900,000 people filing for unemployment benefits 
  • 88% of small business owners have exhausted Paycheck Protection Program loans


The current testing methods have serious problems: the nasal swab tests are often administered by people with little or no medical training leading which has resulted in serious injuries such as nasal tissue and septum damage, sometimes even requiring surgery to correct.

In addition, COVID-19 cases have climbed back to levels last seen in July, further exacerbating the problem, turning what were temporary job losses into permanent ones.

What Can Be Done to Help Stop These Rising Job Losses?

Entrepreneur, business coach, and HR expert, David Lee Jensen, will take a deep drive into current generation testing limitations and the rapid testing solution his company, USA Rapid Test, has developed that will help businesses – and the economy – make their rebound.

Your business needs help – that’s why you need to attend JOTO PR Disruptors’ next “Top COVID-19 Summit: Quarantined Press Conference, Pivot Series will stream on Thursday, November 19th from 2pm – 3pm EST.


The Media will also in attendance, and we’ll be asking the questions that address the issues and solutions:


  1. What are the common problems/limitations with current testing?
  2. Are there risks in administering current tests?
  3. How accurate are the new rapid test’s results compared to current ones?
  4. How fast can results be determined?
  5. Can employees be tested at the workplace?
  6. Does testing require a medical professional?
  7.  How do other “rapid” tests compare, and do they fall short?
  8. Is the rapid test FDA-approved?
  9. How does the test work?
  10. How widespread is the test now?
  11. Could this test completely replace other tests?
  12. What have medical professionals been saying about the rapid test?


What insights can you bring to help us all with the testing problem?




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On November 19th our HR & Healthcare industry expert, David Lee Jensen, from USA Rapid Test will be joining me, Karla Jo Helms of JOTO PR Disruptors, for our

“Top COVID-19 Summit”
Quarantined Press Conference—the “Pivot Series.”

2-3pm EST



David Lee Jensen is a 2-time Bestselling Author, Fortune 50 Speaker, Executive Coach and Humanitarian. He’s Founder & CEO of three successful start-ups: The Hiring Academy, Interview Blueprint and CR8 Entrepreneurs, all aligned with pursuing the purpose of helping others. He travels the world as a motivational keynote speaker focusing on Team Culture, Hiring, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. David has shared the stage with the likes of Richard Branson, Marie Forleo, Steve Forbes, Grant Cardone and others. His clients include start-up entrepreneurs to Fortune 50, like NetApp, Domino’s, McDonald’s and Lululemon Athletica. Most importantly, David is philanthropic to his core, having raised over $25 million for non-profits over just the last few years.

About USA Rapid Test: USA Rapid Test is the Clearwater, FL. based distributor of the Rapid Antibody Tests and the Oral Rinse PCR Test to enable the safest and fastest way to test any individual for the COVID-19 virus. The Rapid Antibody Testing yields results in 15 minutes or less and the oral rinse reporting results in 24 to 48 hours—from their laboratory. The antibody tests have a Supreme Test accuracy of 100% Sensitivity and 99.2% Specificity. Both products are entirely made in the USA under a CLIA-H (High Complexity) Laboratory. USA Rapid Test’s mission is to give American business owners the ability to test their employees quickly, safely and confidently in order to get America back to work once again. For more information, visit www.UsaRapidTest.com.




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